The Phase Files Paintbrush is a paint brush made by Lawrence Daggerpaine and Daggerpaine Industries. This paintbrush is taped into the Phase Files, and can control almost everything in the game. It can create new objects, change objects, or destroy objects in the game. If you use this again an enemy, you can either:

  1. Make the Enemy good, and they will follow you and help you defeat other enemies
  2. Change them into something not harmful (Example: A Phantom into a Rubber Duck)
  3. Erase the enemy from the game's database (Note: They will re-spawn like any other enemy in the game)


Drawbacks of this weapon are:

  • Uses up 25% of your voodoo per use
  • As you use it more, you start to loose health
  • After a while, you'll start to get bugged up and may even disconnect from the game
  • Can create lots of glitches
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