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Hello All!

So I was on live chat, wanting the old body types to come back, and "Karmel" told me I needed a petition if I wanted it to happen, here it is.

Please list your PIRATE name along with a short message saying why you want them back or somthig like that. This will ensure that these pirates are legit.

Thank you,

ShadowSignatureRollback @ 18:35, August 25, 2011 (UTC)]

People Who Want Them Back

  1. Captain Shadow Sail, Level 50 ~ The old body types looked way cooler than the new ones. It is not fair to rub them in our face, we want them too
  2. Edgar Wildrat, Level 50 ~ The old types were the best!
  3. Robert Shipstealer, Level 46 ~ WANT A JUMPER BODY :D bring them back >.<!!!
  4. Jason Yelloweagle, Level 14 ~ The old body types were cooler and I would just LOVE to see them. And thsi is probably the reason people went to PotBS because you took away to many things. I mean I understand that it was so it could be easier but it seems the more you do to make it easier for you. The less easier it becomes for us.
  5. Richard Goldvane - Yes, I want them. But like somehow you get to choose which type, so newer players wont HAVE to have their pirate changed.
  6. Johnny Sea Slasher - Ever since 2008 I have wanted the old body types back, frankly the new ones are just ugly in my opinion. I think it would be great to bring back the old ones, but still be able to make pirates with the new body types as well, in other words, use both body types.
  7. John Breasly, Level 43 - I have the old body types, and I want my friends to have them. A good-looking pirate is a good pirate, savvy?
  8. Sylster Glowstorm- The new body types are weak and flabby, bring back the old types!
  9. Mitch Lawrence - Agreed!!!
  10. Benjamin Macmorgan - Level 31. I have the old body types, and I for one would like to have them back. For my friends, and new comers to the game. Realism isn't always the best option, imagination is.
  11. Captain Josh - They were ALOT cooler
  12. Mizzta Little Jumpa - Level 32 - The new body types make you look fat, or look like a total stick, and not a lot of people like the new bodys because it makes us look like we're weak and fat or weak and skinny. I got the new skinny body type, which cramps my swag n flow if you know what I mean ;) With the old body types back I will look good like how I used to, Yung, fresh, fly, n fulla swag.
  13. John Warsmythe - DEATH TO THE NEW ONES!!!!!
  14. Rapid Z - Hey Tocopop The Second here or as you may know me, Rapid Z. My old acct had 3 old bodies on it.. then it got term. wouldn't lett me bring them back. This guy stole rapid z... says he wants an old body account, so old bodies back AND COLOR WHEEL would be awesome.
  15. Keira Kinover - I had accounts... like 40, and the first half had the old body types which I liked.
  16. Jane Sterncastle - Level 50 - I love the old bodies, if we lose them all and don't get them back i'll be very upset with Disney!!
  17. Jason Firefury - Level 34 - The old bodies were a lot better and should be brought back.
  18. Lord Samuel Redbeard - If you don't bring them back, God will SMITE YOU!
  19. Liz Stormwalker - The old bodies were better
  20. Talented - AGREED xD!
  22. Roger Wildeagle - I dont remember old bodies, but they sound awesome so BRING THEM BACK
  23. Callico Jack- I myself use one of the old body types because i have been playng for a long time,i think new players should still be able to choose them, it would be unfair to deny them the old styles.
  24. Bill Plunderbones - they r cool
  25. Johnny Coaleaston - I want a short and fat one! And maybe if possible DEFINITELY THE OLD ISLANDS BACK!
  26. Jack Redsilver - I have an old body type, and they are awesome!
  27. Chris Swordbones - Meesa has old body type. Everyone else should
  28. Jeffrey Blasthawk -I want a fat guy. I was upset when i couldnt get one.
  29. Nate Raidhawk, Lvl 50 - I want a midget pirate :D
  30. Lord Jeremiah Garland, Lvl 41 - Who doesn't love a good midget???
  31. Laus Deo, Lvl 50 - The old body styles would be great to have back!!!!
  32. Captain Redhorn ~ I'd love to have the cool body types back so I can have a second Captain Redhorn!
  33. Jack Pistol - OI!!! i started on first generation and i want some more :D
  34. George Treasurebones- My first was George, the Buff Type and I really want to make one of those short stump guys! Count me in!
  35. Capt. Skull X - the old body types were MUCH more realistic, and cooler looking, now everyone just looks the same.
  36. Leia - The old body types were much better, the newer ones are really ugly. The old ones need to be brought back.
  37. Davy_Mcwrecker ~ The old body types will look good in any clothes, and the new types, not so much.
  38. Grim - The old body types were more realistic, the new ones look like the pirates got plastic surgery.
  39. Hector B. - New body types AND the old list of clothes from Beta, where you could color EVERY clothing item, like my red box belt, and you need to bring back ALL the color choices! >:D
  40. Apocalyptyca - WE NEED THE NEW BODY TYPES NOW!!!!
  41. Tobias Chaincastle lv 50 I have an old body type but i want them back!!!!!! BRING THEM BACK POTCO!!!
  42. Good Card Player- Bring them back!
  43. Captain Andrew - Level 44 ~ WE Definitely NEED THEM BACK! They provided such a more realistic gamelay. Please do bring them back!
  44. Johnny Goldtimbers - Level 50 ~ I say we bring not just the old body types back but they must let us change our shape anytime we please!
  45. Davy Badbones - lvl 50 - I think it would be cool to bing the old body types back, i dont even know why they took it off in the first place.
  46. Davy Hookwrecker - Level 50 ~ The new body types look like they were eating too much donuts or something. The old ones ( Except the old fat one ;) ) Looked like they cared for themselves by working out, training, ect.
  47. William Burnmonger- The old body types made every clothes item look good. Dwarf and Buff are the best body sizes, and the new clothes dont look as good with the new bodies.
  48. Le Souris Morte Scourge of the World
  49. Olivia Bishop O'malley-Wildscarlett
  50. Matthew O'malley
  51. Ben Squidskull (Lvl 50) - I already have an old body, but I think other players should say the same experience
  52. Kitty, Lvl. 31 - Listen, why taunt us with new ones, Disney, when you could have kept the old ones? The new ones are fat, skinny, squat or just long. I haven't used the old bodies before, but I've seen peeps strutting their stuff around, and it gets me thinking about the good old days.. Cool soundtrack, clothes, and now body types. Count Kitty in, peeps! KITTEH SEZ BRING DAH OWLD BAOWDEZ BACK!
  53. Capt. Lannon- Bring em back!!!!
  54. Captain Leon (Lvl 43 - Ben is my other acct) - I have the old body, and I think other players deserve it!
  55. Abby Cat- They look awesome!! :D
  56. Wrath - they look legit xD
  57. Elizabeth Heartscarlett
  58. Chris Sunrage
  59. Sgt. William
  60. Dog McHound
  61. Rose Sunslipper
  62. Cherie -- Heck, if you wanna have the new ones, knock yourself out, but at least give us the chance to have the best of both worlds instead of rubbing them in our faces..
  63. Ben Darkrage- I have seen them on other pirates and just want the option to have it.
  64. John Macbatten lvl 48- I MISS SMALL PEOPLE!!!! :(!!! bring them back :D, plus pirates should be buff :D not week and skinny like me :P
  65. Ned Yellowbeard- They should come back for newer players cause Its not fair that they dont get to have them
  66. Captain Peanut Butter - lvl 50 give. them. back. o_o
  67. Former lv 40-Matthew Ironvane. GIVE THEM BACK! THE NEW ONES SUCK!!!! Bring them back if you want money :D
  68. Obsidion (Darkhart) - From being sick of getting inspiration to create a new pirate, only to lose it when I get to choosing a body shapes.
  69. Bobby Flat Foot - The old body types are so much more free. Please bring them back!
  70. Victory O' Hayes - The old body types were so much better and I do not like customizing pirates with the new body types.
  71. Richard Cannonwalker lv43 - I believe that we should have a choice between the new body types set out for us, and the old ones many of the old players (including my other acct) got to experience.
  72. Bess Firebones lvl 50: I Deffinitely want the OLD body styles back!!! Girls back then were not skinny like the girls you have now... and if you make a tall girl she just looks like a guy dressed like a girl ijs.. you could just FIX that it would be good too.
  73. Basil Tackcrash Lv49. I have the old BUFF body type, its Pretty Much 2008 Disney!, but i feel a little bad for those who don't have it that want it. Even Worse if all your choices are fat people -_-.
  74. Stormwalker

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THERULEPIC Petition:Bringing the Old Body Types Back has signed Petition:Bringing the Old Body Types Back and suggests you do so right away!

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"I will not give up. I will not give in. I will do whatever it takes to get these back. Nothing will get me to stop fighting. The old body types need to come back, they were better in my eyes, and in many others. So here is how I see this situation, "We want it, so why isn't it being done?", well I was told by a man one day that not many pirates want the old body types, that day I went off to prove he was wrong."

~ Captain Shadow Sail: Founder of the Petition


~ Edgar Wildrat:Second in command of the Petition


Semi Good News Guys, I sent an email to POTCO,

Ahoy Shadow,

Thank you for writing to us. I'm not sure how many Pirates it would take before we would bring back the old body styles.

I know that the body styles were reduced because we wanted to add more options for customizing the clothing a Pirate can wear, and having so many body types was making it hard to have the new clothing items layer properly.

Keep on petitioning for your cause and you may eventually have lots of support so that we can bring back the different body types.

Good luck,

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