Peter Lockkid is a pirate.

Peter Lockkidd was a brave and well respected Pirate.His brave deeds few could equal.Peter was once a swordsmith from the Americas.One day while on a trip to Tortuga a ferce storm began to pound the ship he had passage on.The crew along with Peter fought the storm bravely but in the end nature proved to be to strong as powerfull wave after wave pounded the ship hour after hour till finally it began to break apart.One by one the crew was washed over the side till only Peter and 2 other mates were left.Then it happened one final wave the size of a small mountain hit the ship and took what was left of it under in pieces and this is where the real story of Peter begins.Peter woke up and found himself washed ashore on Port Royal.Found by a few EITC officers he was quickly enslaved to duty on one of there ships.Peter hated the EITC for what they have done to him and vowed to escape and get his revenge.A year later the ship he was sailing on was attacked by a Pirate ship and after a long chase and battle the Pirates finally managed to board and take the EITC ship.Peter was spared after pleading his story to the Pirate captain and was asked if he would like to join the Pirate crew which he gladly accepted and soon became feared and respected by many for his cutlass,cannon, and pistol skills.The Pirate ship Peter now served on was running low on food and water and needed to find land to forge for supplies.After a week of searching they finally seen land. A fair sized island they had never come across but figured for sure would provide what they needed so the captain ordered Peter and a few other crew members to take a row boat to go get supplies.Little did Peter or the others know that this was Cutthroat Island the home and hiding place of the Legendary Pirate Cutthroat Mc Rage who he would soon meet and become greatest of friends with and become one of Cutt's right hand men and a officer by finally joining Cutts band of harden men known as Rage's Marauders.Cutt and his men would eventually change Peters life forever.But the story of Peter meeting Cutt and all there many adventures together over time and how tragically Peters adventures finally in the mother of all battles came to a end...Well Me Hearties...That there be a story for another time...Says I...Cutthroat Mc Rage.