1744 London,

Peter had been up studying the map his grandfather had given him. Peter had been on London for two months and had found nothing but a lot of dirt.

Peter started to remember something his grandfather had said before giving him the map. He had said that the treasure Is marked by an X. Peter started scanning over the map once again and found two palm trees that leaned across each other.

“Finally!” Peter slammed his hands against the old wood table and could see dust fly off the sides. Peters first mate Magic Man ( he worked in the art of voodoo) came up to the table and looked across the map. “ you figure it out?” he asked.


Peter pulled two chairs over to the table and they both sat down. “ We are here,” Peter pointed to a small town marked Port Royal. “We need to get here,” he dragged his finger across the map to the crossed trees. “ Well,” said Magic, “Guess we better get a move on.” Peter picked up the map and headed out of the bar.


Peter at the bow of the Silver Rose&nbsp He had walked a couple of blocks before he was stopped by two navy guards. They had long rifles with bayonets fitted at the end. “ Sir have you seen this man?” one of the guards pulled out a poster, on it where the names and pictures of Peter and his crew. It was really dark and Peter had his hat brim pulled down a little low so the guards couldn’t see his face. Peter shook his head one time and kept walking. Behind him he could here one of the guards shout “If you see him please report to the nearest guard!”

Peter had finally reached his house. He opened the door and found all o his stuff where had left it. He picked up his sharp cutlass and ran his finger down the blade. He went over to his bed and blew the candle out and went to sleep.

“Wake up mate we don’t have all day!” Peter woke up to see Magic’s face to be staring right back at him.” Peter got up and picked up his sword from the table, then he went over to his bedside drawer and pulled out two English flintlock pistols and stuffed them in to his belt. “Ready how about you?” said Peter. “lets go replied Magic.”

Peter and Magic’s first stop was at the Rowdy Rooster, they were supposed to meet up with the rest of the crew. Peter pushed the door open and they both walked in. When they were both inside they could see all of the crew at the bar having a glass of rum. The Remaining two sat down beside their crew and ordered a glass of run. “ so… “ said one of the crew members on the edge of the table “Where we heading?” Peter sat his glass of rum down and pulled the map from his belt. He layed out across the table and pointed at the X.


“When are we leaving?” asked a tall man named Simon. “Soon.” Peter replied as he rolled up his map. Peter could here the door open from behind. He turned around to see a large group of EITC officers walking towards the bar. Everybody in the bar except for the EITC group went silent. They were all wearing a dark black coat and a hat with a gold rim. Peter looked down at their weapons, they all carried daggers.

“Get us a few rums will ye mate!” called one of the men. The bartender turned around and pulled a few mug out from underneath the table and filled them. One of the guards noticed Peter and said, “That’s my seat.” Peter turned around and looked at the man. “Well mate your not sitting on it, so I guess it mine for right now.” Peter turned back around continued drinking his rum. The EITC guard put his hand on Peter’s shoulder and pushed him off the bar stool. “AYE mate what do u think your doing!” exclaimed one of the crew members. Peter hopped up and said “That’s all right mate, I’ll let you off with a warning this time. The guard seemed really mad with this response and pushed Peter off his chair. Peter’s hat had fallen on the ground, and all of the EITC gasped.

As soon as the hat had fallen they knew who it was. Peter got up and retrieved his hat. “Mate handover your weapons you are under arrest.” One of the guards said holding his hand out. Peter took out his sword while wondering how he was going to get out of this mess. He didn’t want to get the rest of the crew in trouble too. He handed the sword to the guard who handed it to another guard. “Now the pistols you pirate.” Peter took out the pistole by the handles and had the butts pointing away form him. As soon as the guard started reaching out Peter flipped the two pistols to were the barrels were now pointed at the EITC. He took one short aim and hit two guards. As the one closet to him was falling he pulled his sword out of its scabbard and got into a fighting position.

The last two men had already pulled their swords out and were ready for a fight. Peter stabbed one on the foot then brought the blade back up and stabbed him in the shoulder. The next guards face turned white and his eyes filled with fear.” Well mate you gonna satnd there or are you gonna fight?” The guard dropped his sword and ran out the door. “Should we go after him captain?” asked Magic who was looting the guards. “No, let him run, we’ll be gone by the time more come.” Magic picked up all the stuff he had found in the pockets and left them on the table.

Outside People were watching the young guard telling everybody about the murder. “ we better hurry.” Siad Simon. The crew ran across the town and found their boat. The silver Rose, Peter’s war sloop, one of the fastest ships on the seas. Peter and his crew loaded all of the cargo onto the ship and set sail. About half a minute went by before the man in the crows nest called down to the rest of the crew.” We got trouble!” Peter turned around and saw a EITC ship starting to set sail. “should we get the cannons ready?” asked Magic. Peter wait a while before answering “yes”. Magic began calling out orders to the rest of the crew. Soon large shiny cannons where lined up against the ships rail along with various types of ammo.

                                                              CHAPTER 4

“Captain’ they’re coming!” screamed the man in the crows nest. Peter looked over his shoulder and saw the large ships sails creeping up on them. “get the cannons ready to fire!” screamed Peter. He swerved the ship to where hits broadside was facing the enemy ship. He screamed “FIRE!” and loud booms came from the ship. This hadn’t stopped the war frigate though. The EITC ship pulled up right next to the Silver Rose. Peter thought real quick and said “grappling hooks!” all of his men started stuffing grappling hooks in their cannons and shot them across to the other ship. Then all the pirates on Peter’s ship crawled across to the EITC ship. Peter pulled a blunderbuss up from the ground and fired it from the hip at to guards, it took them both out instantly. Magic Man, who was a master witch doctor, pulled out his staff and mumbled a few words, then all of the sudden burst of light went around him in a circle and knocked all the guards back. One of the guards tried to cut Magic’s staff in half but Magic was to fast, he pulled it away and hit the man on the head. When the men fell Magic pointed his staff towards him and he disappeared. Peter wasn’t as lucky as Magic though, he was cornered by two guards. Magic saw Peter was in trouble and pulled two poison asps from his dagger belt and flung them at the guards. Peter ran over to Magic. “Thanks mate.” said Peter. “Anytime” replied Magic. At that moment Simon went over to the door that lead to captain’s quarters and kicked it down. When he did a guard ran out, but before he could do any harm Simon had blown him away with his blunderbuss.

Peter and the crew went into the quarters and found a large amount of gold. “bring this back to the ship.” Ordered Peter. After they had loaded the gold Magic turned back towards the war frigate.”Last goodbyes” he smiled, then pointed his staff at the boat and mumbled a few words. After a second an orange light flew across the sky and hit the ship, then it burst into flames.

                                                              CHAPTER 5

Peter and his crew had been sailing for four days and had seen no land or boats. Peter told another crew member to take control of the wheel and walked over to Magic. They both sat down and got a bottle of rum. “That staff of yours is pretty powerful mate.” Said Peter after a sip of rum.”Yes, I crafted it when I was 5.” They each took a sip of rum then Peter said,” You really think there’s a treasure?” Magic looked at the water then said “I don’t know, if your grandfather said there was there might be, unless its stolen before we get there.” “Land Ho” called out one of the crew members. Peter, Simon, and Magic Man, all leaned up against the railing. Peter pulled out his telescope and looked at the island. “I wonder if there are any inhabitants.” He said. He handed Magic and Simon the telescope. “guess we’ll find out soon enough eh mates?” said Simon. Peter called his crew to attention. “Simon, Magic Man, and I will be scout the island for any inhabitants, you all will stay with the ship.”

They weighed anchor and set out a dinghy for the three of them. When they got on the shore Peter noticed something carved into a tree. ”what’s that?” he asked as he started walking towards it. “Peter,” said Magic ,”could be a trap.”Peter looked over his shoulder and said “Don’t worry mate what’s the worst that can happen?” Peter kept walking until he was right in front of the tree. He took one more step forward and a rope grabbed Peter’s leg and flung him upside down. Magic and Simon both walked forward to help him out but they to where snatched up by ropes. Then the bushes started to rustle and three figures came out. “You Better let us out!” screamed Peter but then the y shot Peter, Magic , and Simon in the neck with blow darts and it all went black.

When Peter woke up he saw a face staring back at him. The man had a curled handle bar mustache and a pointed goatee.” Hello mate.” Said the man. He started walking around Peter. “ I see my traps worked.” The man turned around a motioned for two men to come over to him. Peter looked up and saw there were many tents and men all over the place. ”My name is Nate Raidhawk , of El Banditos, this is my first mate Mark Ironflint, and my second mate Will Wavefury, and your name is?” Peter looked up at the three figures. He sat there for a minute and wondered where Simon and Magic were. “The names Peter Coalvane. ” Peter raised his hand and shook Nate’s hand.

“cut his ropes there’s no need to keep him tied up, go get the other two also.” The man named Will bent over and cut Peters bindings with a dagger. Peter sat up and rubbed his wrist. Peter stood up. “where is my stuff?” Nate turned around and faced Peter and said “ I have them right here, but I found this very interesting.” He pulled up Peter’s map.

“I’ll let you and your men go if you agree to let me and my mates go on the journey with you.” Peter thought for a moment and “answered Okay, but we need more supplies.” Peter grabbed his equipment and walked outside. He was followed by Nate.”When do we leave?” asked Nate. Peter looked at all the Banditos walking around the camp. “Let us leave in the morning.” he said. “Okay Nate replied. You can have this tent. We will see you in the morning Mr. Coalvane.

Peter started walking to the tent Nate had pointed at and stepped in. it had a pallet and a small candle on a table. Peter took off his gear and went to sleep.

When He woke up he could here people outside shouting. When he was finally outside his tent he saw to men fighting over a dagger they acquired from a EITC officer. The fight was soon broken up by Mark Ironflint.

About two hours had passed and they had finally loaded all of the cargo. Peter was ready to leave the island, the mosquitoes made it miserable.Peter continued walking between all the tents, he was trying to find Magic, and Simon. He found a big group of people surrounding Magic and Simon. All the men were amused with Magic’s staff. “Magic, Simon, You ready?” called out Peter. It took them a minute to notice Peter was there, then they answered “ Yes”.

It wasn’t long after they set sail that another EITC ship had chosen the Silver Rose as its target. This time the EITC ship was a war sloop. “Cap’n what are we gonna do now?” Peter looked across the ocean and saw a small island. “We’ll land there and make it a land battle!” Peter answered.Peter motioned for his men to get their blades ready. Peter checked behind his shoulder every once and a while to make sure the war sloop wasn’t catching up.

They had finally reached the sandbar, Peter let down the anchor and told his men to go on land. Everybody started jumping off the sides of the ship and landing in the shallow water. Peter grabbed his two pistols, and his sword. He ad to be careful not to get his pistols wet. By the time everybody had gotten off the ship the EITC where coming up to the sandbar. They all started jumping off the same way the pirates had. Peter pulled put his sword and turned to his crew. “ Ready!” he screamed, the crew answered in a loud “ARR!” and they charged at the EITC. Peter stabbed on man in the shoulder and jumped over his back. He kept running and jumping over soldiers, he was trying to find the captain.

Peter found him, the captain has a tall grey haired man with a big broadsword. He saw Peter and started running towards him. Peter stepped to the side and tried to stab his opponent but he was to fast. The man tried slice Peter’s legs but Peter jumped over his blade. When Peter was in the air the man pushed him into the water. Peter had dropped his sword a few feet away. He got up and pulled his pistols out and fired them, but nothing had happened, He had wet powder.

The Captain kicked Peter’s side Peter. Peter looked around he could see Magic and Simon fall to the ground also. Peter looked back at the captain who got a rifle and hit Peter in the face with the butt and knocked him out.

Chapter 6

Peter woke up with a massive head ache. He put his hand on his head, he pulled it down and it had some blood smeared on it. He looked around, he was in a jail cell, it was pretty plain except for the wooden bench that stuck out from the wall. Peter could see Magic across the room, and Simon was in the cell next to Peter. Peter stood up and went over to the bars. He looked around the room for a guard. He found one, and he was asleep. Peter went beside Simon’s cell, Simon was still asleep.”Simon, wake up!” Simon shook his head and set himself up on his elbow. “Wh… where are we?” Simon looked at Peter then at Magic. “We got caught.” answered Peter.

Soon after Simon woke up Magic did. “Guess we have an appointment with the gallows aye mates.” He said. Peter looked at Magic “Yea, guess we weren’t so lucky this time.” A few minutes passed then the door at the front of the jail opened. Five guards walked in laughing. They opened Magic’s cell and dragged him out, then they did the same to Peter and Simon.

When they got outside Peter could here a large group of people talking. He looked around, it looked like the EITC had gathered the whole town to watch the execution. They brought the three men up to the wooden balcony and made them stand straight up. Then a large man with a black hood came out of a room to the side. He walked up the balcony and tied rope around their necks. Peter was thinking how he was going to get out of here. The executioner stepped in front of Peter and the crowd started cheering.

Peter had it. He grabbed the rope around his neck and pulled himself up, then he kicked to man into a small group of guards in front of the crowd. Peter saw a coming at him with a sword. Peter bent his down as far as he could, the guard missed and cut the rope around Peter’s neck. Peter land on his feet and punched the guard as hard as he could in the gut. The guard fell and Peter picked up his sword, then he cut down Magic and Simon.

Peter saw a civilian hop up with a large ax. He ran at Peter, but Peter dodged his attack and hit him on the head with the pommel of his sword. The man fell to the ground knocked out. The three pirates started running towards the big door at the end of the path. They pushed their way through the confused crowd and made it to the doors. They got out of the large fort and ran down the street. They went into a bar called Ratskellar. They slammed the door shut and went straight to the bar.

“Three rums mate.” said Simon. The bartender filled three cups with rum and handed them to the pirates. “Well what’s the plan now mate?” said Magic. Peter looked around the bar, they were alone except for the bartender. “Well I saw a war frigate at the docks while running from those E.I.T.C. guards.

“So us three pirates are going to capture a while war frigate!” exclaimed Simon. “Well that’s he plan” answered Peter. Peter laid three gold coins down on the bar and they got up and walked out the door. Outside was a bride and sunny day, a perfect day for sailing. They got up to the docks and there out near the bay was a Royal Navy war frigate.

Peter looked around and saw a small dinghy Magic, Simon, and Peter all got in the dinghy and paddled right up beside the large boat. Peter looked around for a place to climb, he saw , he saw many windows meant for cannons and started climbing. He got to the railing and looked around the deck. Everything was going normal. They must not of heard about the escape.

Peter hopped on the deck while nobody was watching and signaled Magic and Simon to come up. A few seconds later Peter was joined by Magic and Simon. They sat behind some barrels and made a plan. They waited about three more minutes when a group of guards walked up. Peter knocked one out then Magic and Simon did the same to the other two.


Peter and Magic sneaking onto the navy ship. Peter hated that he had to dress up like a navy soldier but at least they would get the ship. Peter walked along the deck and saluted other soldiers until he came up to the captain’s quarters. He was joined by Simon and then Magic. Peter nodded and they opened the door and locked it behind him. “Well hello.” said the gray haired captain behind a desk in the middle of the room. Peter walked up to the desk and pulled over a chair. “Hello captain.”

Peter grabbed his pistol under the table and sat it in his lap. The captain looked at Peter and said “ Well Sgt. Brims is there anything I can help you with?” Peter stood up and pointed his pistol at the captain’s head. “I’d like to know where the brig is.

The plan had gone good so far. The captain had been very cooperative and they locked up most of the high officials and many of the lower ranks decided to join the crew rather than die. Peter ran to the top deck and took control o the wheel.

After about four hours Peter saw a small speck of land he had never seen before. He pulled out a map he had gotten from a officer but saw nothing. He wanted to land on the island to see I it was inhabited and had some supplies. He told the crew they were going to land and they all started to prepare.

Once on land Peter knew something wasn’t right. Who knows it could be another group of banditos. Peter looked at the trees, felt like something was watching him. He kept walking until he came up to this small little fire in the middle of a clearing. He looked around the fire but didn’t see anything else suspicious.

Peter stood back up and started walking away. Then all the sudden he heard a bush rustle behind him. He turned around and looked at the bush. Then all the sudden a large figure jumped out of the bushes on Peters back. Peter threw it off his back and pulled out his stiletto dagger. He sliced the persons arm. Or at least he thought it was a person, it had lions fur on.

The figure jumped at Peter for a final attack but Peter was too fast and jumped out of the way and knocked it on the ground. He picked up the strange person and pulled his mask off. “Who are you?” Peter questioned the man. The man looked up at Peter and made his eyes small slits. “The names Gray leaf.” Peter looked at the man, Grey leaf? “Is there anybody else?” Peter asked. Gray leaf stood up and walked over to a bush and said “follow me.” And he began walking into the forest.

A few minutes later Peter was standing in a small clearing. Grey leaf walked up to a tall man and tapped him on the shoulder. The man turned around and looked at Peter. “Well hello. I see you’ve met Grey leaf.” Peter looked at the man, he was tall and seemed to be French.”Yes, seems I meet a lot of people in the middle of the forest.”

“Ha ha, yes we own this part of the forest, my name by the way is Sven Daggerbones , nice to meet ye mate.” Peter looked back towards the beach. He wondered if Magic and Simon would come look for him. Peter turned back around and heard a gunshot. “What’s going on?” Sven looked towards the direction of the gunfire.”Our clan is at war with Blue star clan.” Sven took a musket from a rack near a tent and walked back over to Peter.

“What do you mean clans?” Peter asked. Sven started loading the musket. “I am in the Golden clan, there are many clans out here in the forest and most of us get along, some others though are not the same.” Sven slung the musket over his shoulder and motioned Peter to follow him. Peter looked around the clearing, everybody was staring at him.

Sven led Peter to a small path in the forest. They walked for a few minutes then they were near the battlefield. They were on a hill so Peter had a perfect view of the battle. Even though he had no idea what was going on, it still looked amazing seeing a battle and not being in it. Sven took the rifle off his shoulder and set it on the ground. He put on a scope the extended all the way down the barrel of the gun and put some powder in it.

He looked at Peter. “Let’s see how the clan likes this.” He raised the rifle up to his shoulder and fired. Peter looked at the battle and could see a target fall from Sven’s rifle, it was a direct hit in the face. Peter looked around could see that the opposing clan was highly out-numbered and were starting to re-treat .

Sven picked up his rifle and started walking down the path and Peter followed.

Chapter 8

When they got back to camp they held a victory party. There was a huge feast and everybody was happy.

After the dinner Sven motioned for Peter to follow him and he led him to his tent. Sven sat down at a large wooden table and Peter took a seat on the opposite side. “So what brings you here?” He asked. Peter looked up at Sven then pulled out his map.

“I am looking for this treasure my grandfather told me about.” Sven nodded and looked at the map. He sat up and pointed to a small island. “We are here.” He pointed to a small island off of Isle Cangrejos.

“If you need help I will gather a crew and help you find this treasure.” Peter nodded. “That not all though, I was captured by the navy and my friend and his crew was captured, I need to help him.”

“They keep most prisoners at Kings Head, we’ll start tomorrow.” Sven got up and Peter left. He had to go get back to the ship and tell the crew.

By the time Peter got back to the ship it was pitch black outside. "Magic!" Peter called out but nobody answered. he repeated it one more time and this time he could see Magic lean over the railing and say. "Peter is that you?" He started scanning the ground for Peter. "Yes and toss me a rope I need to tell the crew something." Peter waited a few minutes before Magic tossed a long rope down the side of the ship. Peter climbed up and was greeted by Magic."So what do you need to tell me?" Magic asked."Wait I must get the crew." said Peter. Peter ran down the stairs to the crews quarters. "Wake up men and get on the deck I have something to tell you!" Peter walked back up and stood by the wheel. Once All the crew was on Peter told them about his plan with Sven on getting Nate back.


Peter woke up ready to go. he had been up all night cleaning his sword and pistols. Peter stood up and stuck them in his sash and walked out onto the deck. "How are we doin Magic?" Peter asked. He looked out across the sea, he could see Sven's ships and the island that Nate was being held on. "Good captain we will be leaving any minute now." replied Magic. Peter nodded his head and walked up to the ships wheel. He looked up at the sails and saw them lower. Time t go he though. "Lets go men hoist the anchor!" Peter could see Sven's ship leaving the bay and he followed. After about an hour of sailing Peter could see the island prefectly. It was huge and had a ton of navy and E.I.T.C soldiers. Peter told to the crew to lowerthe anchor. He knew they couldnt take on the whole base, they were going to have to do this quietly. He went down to the lower deck."We need a barrell to hold our guns." said Peter. He walked down to the lower deck and brought up a barrell. All the crew walked over and tossed their weapons in. He told the crew what to do and they started jumping into the water. The water was freezing but got warmer as they got closer to the bay. Sven's crew followed after Peter's. Once near the dock Peter could hear a guard walkingacross it. He looked up and could see the guard wlaking in his direction. Whenthe soldier had gotten to the edge of the deck he looked down at the water. Acting fast Peter jumped up and pulled the man down by the collar of his shirt. Peter stabbed his with the stilleto and pushed him under the dock. After that he climbed up onto the deck. Magic handed him the barrell then the rest of thecrew walked up. Peter tore off the top of the barrell. The weapons seemed alright so he started handing them out. Peter looked around he could see Sven carrying a grappling hook and he tossed it over the wall and started climbing. then he noticed all Sven's crew had brought grappling ropes and were scaling the wall. After Sven's crew Peter's followed. Once on top he could see the jail. all the entrances were guarded. Peter walked over to the wall that was standing right above the jail."Sven'" Peter whispered" I need a rope. Sven walked over with two ropes and they both began descending down the wall. Now they were on top of the jail. Sven walked over tothe edge. the guards were changing shifts, except for one man who had fallen asleep. Sven leaped down on top of the man and knocked him out. he looked up and motioned for Peter to come down. Peter could hear people talking behind the door. He drew his stilleto and kicked the door open. He threw his dagger at the guard inside and it took him out immeadiatly."Bout time you showed up mate, I thought you had forgotten our deal!" a voice said in the cell. Peter looked into the direction of the voice andsaw Nate. He pulled the dagger from the guards chest and broke the lock on thecell. "We gotta go mate."

Peter looked through the barred window, he could see a guard kneeling down looking at one of the dead. Peter lead the banditos outside, as they were climbing the wall Peter could see the guaard look in his direction. "Pirates!"screamed the guard. Peter jumped on top of the wall. "We gotta go!" screamed Peter. Peter could see about thirty guards running torwards them. Sven Nate looked at Peter. "There's an official E.I.T.C lord here, we could use him as cover on our way out." Peter pulled out his pistols and shot two soldiers. "Its all we've got, do you know where he is?" Nate pointed at one of the highest towers at the base. Peter nodded then started running to the tower

He could see his crew following close behind while Sven and Nate fought off the guards. Peter got to the entrance of the tower and opened the door. There was a spiral staircase going up to the top. Peter ran up, and when he got therehe could see the man sleeping on a small cot. He put his hands on the man's mouth and with his other hand held one of his pistols to his head. The man woke up instantly, he got up slowly and Peter picked up a rope and tied his hands behind his back, then he got a peice of cloth and tied it around the man mouth.

As Peter was walking down he could hear a loud BOOM! nearby. So much for stealth he thought. Peter found Magic waiting down at the entrance. "Hurry we need to get back to the ships!" said Magic. Peter walked down to the entrance usingthe lord as a human sheild. It was a good thing to because there were about a hundred navy guards gathering around and following Peter, they all had there weapons drawn.

Peter got down to the docks and was right beside the Rose. He saw the crew had the ship ready to go. Peter stood beside the ship ready to jump in. "Thank youfor escorting me out mate, but unfortunaley I wont be needing your help anymore," Peter looked at the guards, they were all foucused on the man. "Hope you can swim mate." said Peter. he pushed the man off the docks and as the guards reaced for him as he fell in Peter jumped in the Rose.

Chapeter 10

"That was close." said Magic shortly after taking off. The Navy started shooting cannons at the boats, but their aim was no count. "Yes, but that's what makes it fun." replied Peter. Peter pulled out the map and looked at the island that held the treasure. It wasn't to far away. Peter could see it through a spyglass. "We should be there in a couple of hours." said Peter, "Might as well catch up on some sleep." Peter told Magic to take the wheel and went to his quarters. He laid down on his cot and instantly fell asleep. "Land HO!" screamed the man in the crows nest. Peter woke up, he got his hat and his weapons and walked outside. He could see Sven and Nate following close behind. When they got close to the bay Peter could see a cave entrance. "Let down the anchor!" he said. He went and got the dinghy ready. He got down in it with Magic, Simon, and a few other crew memebers and they started floating to land. On shore the cave was large enough for an army of men to fit through. Peter attempted to look through the darkness but had no luck. 

"Don't happen to have a torch on you aye mate?" Said Peter elbowing Magic who was beside him. Magic lowered his head then shot it straight back up.

"I got a match!" He exclaimed pulling out a small match.

"That will have to work, thanks." Peter lit the match on the stone walls and began to venture deep inside of the large cave. He got uneasy as he began to feel bones crunch under his feet. What kind of place is this? He thought to himself as he went deeper and deeper. He could hear Magic and Simon behind him walking slowly, then at the end of the tunnel came a glint of light. Barely visible, Peter began to run foward, almost tripping over jagged rocks on the way. The light began to get bigger then Peter ran into a large room.

The light tore throuh the darkness just enough to illuminate a altar in the middle of the cirlcular room, on top sat a peice of parchment. Peter looked around and saw piles of gold sitting all around him. Peter walked towads the altar while Magic and Simon dove into the piles of gold letting it run through their fingers. Peter looked down on the parchment and it turned out to be a map. Not another one. Peter thought to himself as he picked it up and looked for where it lead. The dotted line lead off the side of the map. Peter threw his arms down. Excited by the gold but annoyed at the map.

He started to walk towards a pile of gold when he saw out of the corner of his eye something on the map move. It began to extend to the side showing what lay beyong the edge. Looking again it showed boats in the water. They also moved. More of his crew began to run inside the cave and begin stuffing sacks full of gold as Peter held the map above himself and watching the ships sail.

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