The Peace Keeper Blade is a Legendary Duelist Blade made by Lawrence Daggerpaine, using the finest metals of Cortevos Server. It is used by Lawrence Daggerpaine in the book: Advetures of Lawrence Daggerpaine, Book 1: Leon's Base 

Trans peacekeeper

Duelist Blades

The Duelist Blades are unlike cutlass, broadswords, and Sabres. They are a Class all their own.


  1. Swing High
  2. Low Cut
  3. Stomach Bash
  4. Head Slice
  5. Legs Swing

Peace Keeper Blade Stats

The Peace Keeper Blade has an attack of 150, making it the most powerful of all swords. It's main skill is a Back spin, instinly killing enemies all around the user. It gives off a Firey Glow, like Pluge Fire. I looks like the General's Broadsword. It is unknown how much gold it can sell for.


Only one is said to have been made, and is owned by Lawrence Daggerpaine, and his sister, Kat Walnutstone. Le créateur de ce Blade est .... It is the Offical Sword of the Gen. Of Peace Guild.

Videos and Pictures


River Vs

River Vs. Reavers

Kat Walnutstone using the Peace Keeper Blade during an invasion of Undead


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