The Palace at Hel is in the capitol of Chaos, Within the realm of Khaos. This palace is the home to many Nobles, Serveants, Slaves and Chaotic Reaper Lords of the Realm. Some important residents of The Palace at Hel include people like: The Almighty Grand Lord of Chaos, Khaos, Horror,Jackyl Rogers, Grim Reaper John The Midget Underlord of Chaos. The palace is the biggest and largest building On This Earth. Palace of Khaos has many towers and a very vast garden; Devils Garden. 20,,000 years ago Arqiel, Khaos's father decided that his Son and his Grandson would someday rule the world and they needed a a castle or palace to do so. So he built one. The palace however he never got to name for soon he would turn on Jackyl Rogers and get killed. So the Palace is now merely known by names such as Palace of Khaos or The Palace of Hel or the Unamed Palace. The exact location of the palace is unknown however it was first built in the Antartic Desert (Antartica is considered a desert)
Khaos Palace

The Palace of Khaos

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