Palace De Macmorgan is the worlds largest palace, It is located in St. Benjaborg, Russia. It has 342 rooms, 20 grand ballrooms, 200 bathrooms, 45 offices, 2 grand libraries, and one large ballroom used for Russian Government Meetings. It took nearly 20 years to build, Everything was custom made. Most of the materials were bought from Italy, Spain, and England. 2.5 million rubble were spent just on one bedroom. It currently has a staff of nearly 250 people, To guard it, Clean it, Cook, Garden, and make sure everything runs smoothly. The palace's gardens are triple the size of the Versailles. It took nearly 70 trillion rubble to build. Nearly 2 million Russian serfs were drafted to build it. The Czar himself sent explorers to go find ancient stones, and roman artifacts from the Roman Empire to put into the Palace. Some people have called the palace " City of Art " or " The City of Gold "

Each Royal Family member gets their own wing. Each with 10 butlers, 20 servants, 23 maids, and 3 chefs.


The Palace from afar.

Chateau Royal (6)

One of the small Ballrooms.


The full view of the palace.

800px-domus aurea 06

The underground military base.


The Russian Royal Crown kept in a 10 meter thick vault. It is worth nearly 60 trillion rubble.

Currently, 15 million Russians, and Europeans visit the Palace every year. The Palace makes a estimated 64 million rubble every year from tourism.


Resident/owner: Benjamin Macmorgan

Head Butler: open

Deputy Head Butler: open

Manager of food:open

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