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Muertos Moon - October

Ghosts Coming to Ships - October

Ship Customization - Coming out soon

Svs scores on 10-20-11

French highest score- 2520

Spanish highest score- 697


A pirate Finds a world eater in a loot chest!

Eitc Clothing coming out in november!!

Eitc Leaders are now in East India Empire

Headlines # 1

It was officially posted on potco wikia the screenshot of a world eater blade found in a loot chest. Pirates have also found legendary in loot pouches by strategies but this is a real cool discovery.

Headlines # 2

EITC clothing is coming soon to Pirates of the Caribbean Online with the full out clothing including black hat and a EITC coat. EITC are even planning the special date of EITC looting day. so all EITC are invited to this special event

Headlines # 3

EITC leaders are now going to the East India Empire including Lord Jeremiah Garland and other good leaders are in this guild and now going to build this new EITC Guild up.


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