Gangrel Early Life

Gangrel was born in the midst of a sonic boom. It created his dimension and universe. He immediatly started to create demons for his army as soon as he was given birth to. He tested his power with 66666666 sonic booms he made with the snap of his fingers. By accident he created more planets. Gangrel is the most powerful being in ANY universe. He can look at you and the equivelant of 99 nuclear bombs could make you explode. In his true form. But on his being form on the isla of fury he is less powerful. But the earth is to small for his real form. The size reduction limits his power. But he is still the most powerful being in the Caribbean.

Holding Earth In His Palm

31 12 2010 powerful being

Gangrel Destroying A Galaxy With White Fire.

A Bit Of History

He built a weapon called the eternal flame. It represents all kinds of fire their is and ever will be. It can also see other dimensions and planets. He gave it to the chrisitian god as a gift for the new planet earth. When Satan turned on him he robbed the flame from god. But Gangrel was not impressed. Gangrel gave him a gift of the relm of hell. He could run freely. He took the flame when satan wasnt looking and burned hell and it became the blazing inferno it is. And locked the relm with the key of the gods.


1. All Powerful ( cant use water,air, or other elements )

2. Owns A sword that in one swing can wipe a universe out. He barley uses it.

3. Can travel by fire.

4. He can make people out of fire

5. anything else he wants

Weaknesses In True Form


Weaknesses in Isla Of Fury Form

1. Lost Daggers Of Foulberto Smasho

2. Lost Doll Of El Darado

3. Bloody Hell Cutlass

4. Starfire Pistol


Hell, Lake of Fire

The Isla Of Fury Form

31 12 2010 powerful being

Destruction Mode


Real Form

Can Shape Shift Into Anything At Any Time

The Isla Of Fury Battle Theme

The Isla Of Fury Battle Theme

Battle Cutscene Theme

Battle Cutscene Theme

Overlord Gangrel Vs

Overlord Gangrel Vs. Overlord Augita Theme

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