Hear Us

This is an official document of all the Pirates Of The Caribbean, describing the liberties we want and will fight for until the end. The only way we will end the fighting if we get these demands fulfilled, and guaranteed to be there for our support forever!

What Us Pirates Want

  1. We want freedom of the press, the abolition of censorship.
  2. A responsible government in Port Royal, Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres Del Fuego.
  3. An annual parliamentary session in Port Royal, Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres Del Fuego.
  4. Civil and religious equality before the law.
  5. A Pirate Militia.
  6. A joint sharing of tax burdens.
  7. The cessation of socage (land tenure).
  8. Jury and representation on an equal basis.
  9. A National Bank.
  10. The army must swear to protect and support us all, our soldiers must not be dispatched abroad, foreign soldiers must be removed from our soil.
  11. The all freeing of political prisoners.
  12. Union.
Freedom, equality, brotherhood.

With regards,

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