The Order of Nautillus

Painico imperiale

Infamy System

The Order of Nautillus Infamy System is a way for members of The Order of Nautillus guild to relax and have fun or be a bit competitive. It is basically a ranking system based on PvP and SvS scores and victories. Any guildmate can challenge any guild mate and certain conditions will determine your score and how you progres.


PvP Infamy

Recruit-Get a kill

Cadet-Get 5 kills

Sergenant-Get 10 kills

Captain-Get 15 kills

Lieutenant-Get 20 kills

SvS Infamy

Recruit-Sink an OoN ship

Swab-Sink 5 OoN ships

Mariner-Sink 10 OoN ships

Gunner-Sink 15 OoN ships

Ensign-Sink 20 OoN ships

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