The Order of Elites is the order of all the powerful Guildmasters or players in the game. This order was established to help take down the evil forces in the Caribbean. You MUST have the authority of the Head Elite to join. We have officially banded together against Pearson Wright and The Paradox.
Order seal

The shield of the Order of Elites which proudly displays its motto.

Who We Are

We are an elite organization of very elite players, mainly powerful players or guildmasters that have banded together to help the Caribbean establish peace, order, and justice. There are requirements to join, and in some cases, those requirements may be dropped. We are not to be messed with. Most of the people in this organization are extremely powerful, and have, or are in BIG guilds of the game. Our motto is: United we stand, under one God. There is no limit to how many can join. To join just leave a comment in the Comment Section below, and state the reason why you think you should join.

Current Elites

Samuel Redbeard—Head Elite

Jack Swordmenace—Elite

Lawrence Daggerpaine—Elite

John Breasly—Elite

Edgar Wildrat—Elite

Johnny Goldtimbers—Elite

William Brawlmartin—Elite

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