Operation: Red Raven took place from around 8:45 PM CST and involved Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard of the East India Trading Company, Jack SwordmenaceJohnny Goldtimbers and Captain Leon. Leon had recently created a guild entitled Co. Black Guard . As soon as Samuel heard of the name, he wanted it. The plan was to trick Leon into making Samuel the GM for a phony rank in the EITC, but that plan didn't work. They had to improvise. Samuel did something horrific, but worth it in the long run. He had Johnny Goldtimbers delete almost all of the people in Black Officers , then Leon made Samuel GM of Co. Black Guard. Then, Johnny invited Leon into Black Officers, he logged out, logged back in, and began to complain. Leon had been tricked, it was a good laugh, and Leon will now be destroyed forever.



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