(Hey, guys, I didn't write the first paragraph, I got asked to do it. I made the second.)

With heartfelt goodbyes to John Breasly, Johnny Goldtimbers, Samuel Harrington, Grace Wildscarlett, Erin Sword Stealer, William Seasteel/Tyler Crossbones, Lord Carlisle, Charognard, Andrew Mallace, Jeremiah Garland, Richard and Ishamel Venables, Ryan Blademonk, Blake Stewart, Luckey Handford, Eric McHawk, Richard Goldvane, KatBluedog, Captain Kwagar, Jane Fletcher and Jack Pistol.

Also, a warm goodbye to everyone that was not named in the upper. Sir Matthias Richard Alessiano James O'Malley-Kenway will miss you dearly.

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