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United Allies

United Allies is currently the main guild for the Romanian Empire. The guild is a massivly, and outstanding guild, holding  more than 350 + Men and is usually on the top leaderboards for the top 10.  The Guild was originally led by William Darkvane, and Robert Seasteel. But is now currently led by Basil Brawlmonk and Robert Seasteel. The guild is growing at a very wealthy pace and is very orginized. 

Commanding Officers

  1. Robert Seasteel
  2. Basil Brawlmonk
  3. William Shoresmythe
  4. Eric Mchawk
  5. Reilly 
  6. X Jumper
  7. Zack O

Lower Ranking Officers

  • Albert Spark
  • Robert
  • Ben Scurvyfoot
  • Charles Peacemonk
  • William Darkvane


  • Lvl 20 +
  • Appericiated if you have Unlimited Access
  • Must Teleport when asked.
  • Respect your GM, and officers.
  • Have Fun
  • No Drama

Ranks for Naval/Infantry


  • Main Servers: Monanda, Savica, Tortos.


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Other Guilds Trailing Us By The Thousands

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