Ocean Rage Pirates Of The Caribbean Guild was founded on July 24, 2011 by Matthew Mcrage. The guild is now officially retired.....

In the process of naming his second pirate Uncatchable as the guildmaster to ease promoting and recruiting while leveling this second pirate Matthew Mcrage mistakenly chose the name of the player above Uncatchable on the guild list which was an inactive member and led to the control of the guild being lost. :( The inactive player signed in at some point when the true guildmaster was not online and removed hundreds of members from the guild including the true GM and then named another inactive player as GM and left the game for good.

With joy of the game at heart Uncatchable and Matthew Mcrage founded the guild Uncatchable on March 13, 3012 from the ashes and active former members of Ocean Rage continuing their tradition of excellence and fun with new friends.

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