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These throwing knives are a very unique set indeed. They attack like a dagger when close to the enemy, and attack like throwing knives when at a distance. All abilites are either rank 8 or +8. Currently the only known Legendary Cursed Dagger/throwing kinves. These blades are currently owned by Samuel Redbeard.

Abilites and Stats

Resell value 55,000 coins (55K)

Level 30 Dagger

Attack 113

Silver Freeze

All immunites

All strikes

Stellar Blast

Supernova (Released a VERY powerful golden blade, which causes explosion killing everything in your area.)

Sure Footed


Mince(Throw four very powerful blades in a row! deals 1000-3500 damage!)

Desent of Dragons (Summons two dragons to aid in fighting the enemy for a minute and a half.)

Dark Curse

Mince boost +8

Eviserate boost +8

Vipers nest boost +8

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