This is the official page for the Empire of Norway. The Empire of Norway is ruled by Emperor Kwagar Ocata.


The Relations of the Empire.

  • Switzerland - Very Friendly
  • Great Britain and Ireland - Very Friendly

Head of State

The Norwegian Empire is a absolute monarchy under the rule of Emperor Kwagar Ocata.

Royal Family

  1. Emperor - Kwagar Ocata
  2. Queen - To be decided
  3. Prince (Heir to the throne) - To be decided


The Norwegian Government is the official page for the Government of Norway.

Prime Minister

  1. Prime Minister - Election in progress


  1. Minister of Culture and Religion - Open
  2. Minister of Defence - Open
  3. Minister of Research - Open
  4. Minister of Finance - Open
  5. Minister of Fisheraies and Coastal Affairs - Open
  6. Minister of Foreign Affairs - Christopher
  7. Minister of Justice and the Police - Tyler Crossbones
  8. Minister of Labor - Open
  9. Minister of Local Governments - Open
  10. Minister of Trade and Industry - Open
  11. Minster of Transportation and Communication - Open
  12. Minister of War - Open



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