Obsidion Hell
The Nightmare Blade is a weapon of Ebon Slicin's Hoard. It is now possessed by Ol' McKinnan. This is the fourth most powerful blade of the hoard.


It is said the Nightmare Blade came straight from the Styx River. Mythology believes Hades and Hypnos teamed up to create it. In any case, it was owned by a noble family in Greece for several thousand years. It was discovered by Ebon Slicin in the late 1600s. He took it and made it part of his hoard.

It was one of his favorite weapons, so naturally, he kept it by his side. One night, as he slept. A thief took it from his mantle! Ebon was so enraged, he tracked down the man, and killed him on the spot. The sword joined with the thief on death, and he become known as Ol' McKinnan.


Type/Rarity Legendary Cutlass
Resale value N/A 2,000 gold
Attack N/A 143
Use N/A Sword level 30
Skill Rank Description
Living Nightmare Rank 5 Become a living nightmare! Your terrifying presence weakens all enemies attacks by 80% for 60 seconds
Dream Rank 3 Stuns all enemies for a few seconds as they fall into a quick slumber
Thief's Resolve Rank 3 You know what your doing, and how your going to do it. Double three times as much damage!
Styx Rank 3 Blue fire consumes your blade as you send your enemies on a one hit trip to the underworld!
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