Nicholas De Salisbury was born in England in 1700. He was the child of Marcus De Salisbury and Maria Gonzalez. Marcus was a wealthy Parliament member, who had bought Maria as a servant on a trip to Spain. However, they soon fell in love. Two years later, Nicholas was born.

He went to school like a normal child, however he secretly had a passion. He wanted to become a mercenary. However, knowing his father would never approve, he tried to forget about it. When Nicholas was fifteen, his mother was wrongly accused of stealing bread from the baker, and was hung.

When Nicholas was eighteen, he found his father in his office with Spanish traders. No, not traders. Soldiers! Nicholas overheard the ordeal. "The deal was as long as Maria was mine I gave you information! She is dead, our deal is history!" began his father. "Fine, then we'll kill your family!" retorted a Spanish soldier. Nicholas realized his father had bought his mother for a price. That was the price. Betraying England. Nicholas barged in, drew a decorative sabre from the wall, and went for the Spanish. The man in charge drew a pistol and shot at Nicholas, but his father took the bullet. Nicholas then ran from the house. He was chased down the streets of London. Finally, he ran into a blacksmith's shop. He took a dagger from the wall and threw it at their leader's eye. It was a perfect hit. "ARGH!" screamed the captain. "I... AM... FERNANDO BOLIVAR! AND... I... WILL... END... YOUR... PITIFUL... EXISTENCE!" cried the captain with such rage, it shook the streets. Nicholas knocked him into a muddy section of the street, and ran for the docks. He jumped aboard a mercenary ship for the Black Guard, and was sailed to the Caribbean.

Aboard the ship, Nicholas enlisted in the Black Guard. He turned ninteen on the voyage. When they hit port, he became a mercenary for the Black Guard. In 1724, he joined the Black Officers, a guild led by Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard.

Today, Nicholas runs a guild of Black Guard mercenaries known as the Company Militia. His two closest friends are Jesse and Archibald Barrows.


Notoriety Level 7
Cannon Level 1
Sailing Level 2
Sword Level 6
Gun Level 4
Doll N/A
Dagger N/A
Grenade N/A
Staff N/A
Potions Level 1
Fishing Level 3
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