Portugal Coat of Arms

A New King

A new king has risen to the throne of Portugal. Davy Badbones has now been given the throne by Jeffrey Blasthawk. Davy Badbones is a Admiral in SvS, a War Master in PvP and a master in the art of war. As king of Portugal, he has promissed to bring the country back to it's former glory.

Country Allies

  • Spain
  • Japan

More about the King

Davy Badbones is a Admiral in svs, and a War Master in pvp. He is a master in the art of war, and has many allies and great friends. He helps his friends when they need it, loves looting for Cursed Famed and color clothes. Davy Badbones is in the guild Paradox as of now. Davy's past guilds have been, his most famous, Assassin's Clan, Athen's Navy, and soon on his other avatar, Paradox Navy. Davy loves hanging out with friends, and talking to people on Tortuga, Abassa.

Screenshot 2011-10-22 18-40-23

Proof from the previous king, that Davy Badbones is the new king of Portugal.

Spanish high council

Davy listens to before making alliances and declaring wars, to Pearson Wright, and or legendary pvper, Hippie.

What Jeffrey has to say

I have chosen Davy Badbones because he is just simply the best choice for a king right now. It doesn't get much better than a mastered admiral and war master, with great weapons and massive amounts of money. He is also a nice guy with a great future. I can't get Portgual into shape, but I can guarentee you, he is the guy to get Portugal out of the dumpster.

Jeffrey Blasthawk The King of Random

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