These are a group of complaints concerning his tyranny, its declares independence from Great Britain

Article 1: You took a newborn country without reason. Our empire was going smoothly until your tranny showed up and declared us apart of Great Britain! We are a united people, with no means of war. We have made mistakes in our recent past... but hasn't Britain? My dear people do not want your rule! Much less your rules! As united against all forms of war and tyranny the people of Bohemia declare its independence! We do not want to be involved in your government! We do not want your military! we do not want your approval! As men we stand against you no matter the cause! Your deplorable invasion shall no offend us, your deplorable government shall not GOVERN us! we are men and if i have to fight to show you so be it!

Article 2: You attacked a infant country, I talked with Spain and delta. Cadet said war with Britain shall be soon. The guild is at a max of 500. They plan to crumble Britain! i can prevent that! but not unless you give me back my crown! My acts of tyranny were not of purpose, 1st Military declared war on me, i had no choice but to approve and fight like a man. If your so strong Britain why are you taken smaller countries and claiming to your so called "Empire". My decisions are for the best of my people and for my kingdom this is MY decision, the government has decided the cause and effect, after mere hours of contemplating on what i shall do i came to this. Independence from Great Britain

Article 3: Not only is our country offended by your rule, we are TIRED of your rule! We may have independence, once Great Britain was a strong country who helped the weak, now you take the Weak to make yourself richer! You constantly go into the affairs of other countries in meddle with it. John this time YOU ARE NOT THE GOOD GUY! England I wish for no more than fame and wealth. Ever Since 2008 I've been on this game. John when you came I thought I saw a light set on the British Empire. At the time corrupt leaders such as Captain Leon, (And some i may not name) were running around, But no you put a iron fist on and said NO! Your bravery and courage made me sign for the military, now after 4 years you crumble my kingdom destroy my dignity in front of 2,000 people? I think not.

This concludes the articles, may this day be celebrated as bohemian independence day.

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