Folk Lore

Neptoona is a legendary fish that is known to be uncatchable, as many fishermen had tried to catch the slick critter but failed. It gets its name from Poseidon formal name, Neptune and from his favorite fish he likes to eat, tuna. Neptoona is related to the swordfish. Its species is legendary because they have rarely been seen by humans. It is said that if one were to catch one these beautiful fishes, they will be granted endless luck and a long, ever lasting romantic life.

It is also said that Neptoona is one of the keys needed to find the powerful Legend Sword.

Physical Traits

Though a Neptoona has never been captured in history, it is suspected to be 17 feet in length and 4 feet in width. And as it's related to swordfish, it has a long "sword" in the front of it's head for protection from predators. Neptoona is also known to be a powerful swimmer, which is the reason why it is uncatchable for it has the strength to swim through the roughest of currents. Neptoona is easly reconizable by the elegant water pattern it has on its back. While it water pattern remains royal blue colored, the rest of it's back is either purple or black.


Neptoona's habitat remains thus far unknown. They are suppose to live everywhere in the ocean. Due to there timid nature, they rarely approach the surface. This is why fishermen are always keeping a close eye on the water, in hopes that they will see, and possibly capture, Neptoona.


  • Neptoona was based from the legendary fish that is in the DS game of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which acts as the legendary fish that is part of a optional side quest.