• 212px-Ned
    Ned Yellowbeard
  • Level: 50
  • Current Guild: INFERNO
  • Rank: GM

Ned is the Gm of INFERNO. I agree that he is not all that, but really, he is not an awful person. Yes, Ned has been kinder to people including Gabriel (old member that has joined INFERNO again) and Jade Swordwalker (ex-wife). Yellowbeard can be found hanging around Abassa, Tortuga socializing and meeting new pirates to join the infamous guild. When he made INFERNO, it had no problem growing and became a play favorite. He was always thought to be a wise person (and he is!), here is a quote by him, "Let others say what they want about you, say nothing back. Always remember the one who speaks out against others will always be the weaker man". Despite his smart ways, many still hate him, for stealing their guild members, intruding on their 'property', or just because he has more people in his guild then most other guilds would ever dream to have. 500 pirates were chosen by him to join INFERNO, and have no problem helping him grow more and more. Ned is a kind person who likes smiley faces and caring for people.

I'm Jade Swordwalker. I know I haven't been on in a LONG time, and I know I screwed up. Edgar told me about how INFERNO has been terminated,  I'm so sorry Ned, I'm sorry I made everything difficult, I'm sorry I caused drama that wasn't needed, and most of all, I'm sorry that I liked you. I know that I"ve screwed up so much, and to everyone, I sincerely apologize. I've changed since 2010, and I think everyone has, but I think the most important lesson I've learned, is that I can't let others make me feel inferior. 

If y'all have any questions for me, I'll answer them honestly and completely. Thanks :) Y'all are amazing.



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