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Necro "Fancy" is a guild with style that likes to use weapons in a fancy way.

Badges and Ranks

Voodoo staff

Cadet Badge

Cadet: Earn the voodoo staff badge to become a Cadet Trooper:
Cutlass parry

Trooper Badge

Earn the Staff and Cutlass Parry badge to become trooper Sergeant:

Sergeant Badge

Earn the Staff, Cutlass Parry, and grenades badges L. Tenant:

L. Tenant Badge

Earn the staff, Parry, Grenade, and Dagger badges General:
Pistol eagle eye

General Badge

Earn the staff, Parry, Grenade, Dagger, and Eagle Eye badges Admiral:
150px-Undead opt

Admiral Badge

Earn all 6 badges
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