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The National Co. Army (NCA) is a new EITC guild founded by William Seaskull.

The guild is not against pirates but is against war. It's founder was the main reason the war with The Co. Empire guild was won by pirates.

The guild holds up these 5 points known as the "EITC Code of Conduct"

1) Under no circumstance does a member of the EITC have the power to arrest anyone without a court order.

2) You will not make hostilities to any pirate who gives no threat to you

3) You will always help players who ask for help EITC or Pirate and will not deny assistance

4) You will always dress in proper uniform when at an EITC event

5) You will act professional when at an EITC event and salute Officers of higher rank than you


Lords = Officers

William Seaskull - Guild Master

David Ironskull - Field General

Officers = Veterans

Coby - Sergeant

Solders = Members

David Dreadshot - new

Nate Chipflint - new

Jack Squidhawk - new

John Goldskull - new

Joeseph Mcmalley - new


Jack Hexcutter-new

Johnny Wildhawk-new

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