Nate McGregor
The Mystical Eagles are a POTCO guild composed of Veteran POTCO players. Nathaniel McGregor (right) is the current Guildmaster.

Guild Biography

The guild origionated from a guild known as the Sinkers Revenge, A few memebers of this guild left the sinkers to form the Heartless Sinkers where a majority of the guilds officers entered the mix. Gradually over time the Heartless Sinkers reached the top and fell as they disbanded due to the guildmasters inactivity and went to the Mystical Dragons, a guild formed by and officer by the name of Basil Ironrat. This Guild too was successful but fell later when Basil had personal issues and was forced to be inactive causing this guild too to disband. After many attempts to recreate what was the guild the Mystical Dragons was going through many Guild Masters and guilds, the Mystical Eagles were formed as a successful guild that is known today as the Mystical Eagles.

Core Members

  • Francis Warwrecker
  • Emily Wildsprout
  • Solomon Gunswain
  • Rose Warswain
  • Redbeard
These are the officers in the guild that have been around the group the longest. They are considered the core of the guild along with guildmaster Natheniel McGregor.
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