First Off

DONT COMMENT UNLESS: you have something constructive to say.

What Happened

Ok so let me start. I have been disrespectful, VERY abusive of admins ( who do this for free ), Abusive of my roleplay superiors, what could be considered in many cases vandalism of the roleplay country request page and violation of the rules here. Oh and dont let me forget what I started with onwiki. I was very disrespectful,did not know what happens around here. I got a ban from chat,and the wiki itself for only 3 days. I was reading over stuff. I wanted to hack pary. But I eased up a BIT. Then I discovered more about role play. I wanted a part. So I tried to claim Jordan. But I found out about Ottoman empire. Then I wanted to kill albert because I thought he ruled it. But I found out that it was pary. Then I did the most wrong immature thing I could have done keep going and start abusing parax and poking fun at him,comment wrestling and such. But I started swearing. Then as soon as I hated on parax more. The Other people did the right thing. I was turned on ( I DONT BLAME THEM FOR THAT ). Being exiled like I was. Breasly basically picked me up and saved me. It was like role play was giving me a second chance. I was given a spot in the house of commens. I abused it. I made the statement that I wanted to abuse my power. Then I discovered skype ( I know im stupid for not knowing what it was ). It was going great the first night then I abused the call button. And I was removed on skype and POTCO by sven. I dont blame him for that either. I had just wasted my second chance. Before I Forget I thank john for saving me their. I wasted all my chances. Then albert spark came by. I currently work for him. I gave him a navy and an army. In return I got a nice high up spot. Im currently running for PM their.

People Im Especially Sorry To

1.Sven Daggersteal

2. John Breasly

3. The Whole English Community


5. Jeramiah Garland,Lord Andrew Mallace

6. The Whole Russian Community

7. The WHole Prussian Community.

8. Every Country I Have Worked With Or Been In.

9. Albert Spark

People Who I Thank Especially For The Oppurtunity

1. The Admins

2. Albert Spark

3. Every Person In England

4.My Great Guild For Its Support To Keep Me Going

Final Words

I hope I can be forgived. I hope my relationship with the POTCO Players Wiki can be improved apon

- Basil Brawlmonk

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