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Mr. Midshipman Venables was published by Venables & Wellington Entertainment.

Mr. Midshipman Venables
Even chance


Ishamel Venables

Announce Date:

June 9, 1745

Release Date:

July 10–11, 1745

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I Venables and the Duel

II Venables and the Ship of Cargo 

III Venables and the Plague 

IV Venables and the Raid 

V Venables and the Cargo of Wheat 

VI Venables and the Lobsters 

VII Venables and the French Gallery 

VIII Venables and the Examination for Lieutenant 

IX Venables and the Lady  

X Venables and the Lord and the Devil 

Chapter I- The Duel 

Winter 1739

British Ship are anchor at plymouth, england waiting for orders while there are conflict in france when the french are in the revolution. The Longboat was rowing a young seventeen year old lad to a ship call H.M.S Retribution. He look up the cold sky and it's was snowing. A Midsipman said" Ahoy there!". The women said" Aye aye!", he went on board and greet the midshipman, his name was kennedy. He said" name, Archie Kennedy at your service". He look around on deck and there was  no sailors, they wak to lieutenant chadwick and lieutenant stormrage. Mr, Kennedy report to Lt. Chadwick, He said"Midshipman Venables". Chadwick repsonse "Lieutenant Chadwick officer of the watch and Lt. Jack Seasteel officer of the watch"., Lt. Seasteel saluted to ishamel as he did to seasteel. "Well, go downstair before you freeze yourself to death!". Ishamel saluted and response "Aye aye sir!". Kennedy escorted him down below with the rest of the crew, there were crazy sailors doing crazy things. Kennedy said" Well, we've been waiting to transfer to a fighting vessle, while there is problem in france did you hear that louie was captured before christmas, well you can't kill a king!". Ishamel open the door and went inside, and he saw some group of midshipman sitting down and chatting some things. Mr. Cleveland said" Ah another gentlemen I believe", "Gentlemen May I present Midshipman Venables" Kennedy said. "How old are you  Mr. Venables?". Ishamel reponse "Seventeen sir". Mr. Cleveland said" Seventeen?, didn't you hear that jack?". Jack said" Indeed, you shouldn't start at age of eight!". Ishamel stand there while drinking a cup of hot cocoa, he reponse" Well I will look it up on the norman seaman chest now if you excuse me I....". He fell to the ground, the men started to laugh at him and Kennedy said" Well I believe he froze himself, here help me get him to his bed!". They carried ishamel to the seabag and he cover ishamel with blanket. The Next Morning Ishamel got up and put on his Uniform and went on board, "The Captain is coming on board" Kennedy said. "Captain Burnhound, a old man see to look failure that day" Mr. Clay said. Ishamel said" I kindly thank you yesterday Mr. um". "Clay, Joseph clay pleased to meet you Mr. Venables". Captain Burnhound was reading ishamel letter, he said" Your father is a Military General am I correct?". Ishamel stand at attention, he said" Aye aye sir also he would like to thank you for letting me on board of H.M.S Retribution". The Captain used his hankerchief and coughed himself in front of ishamel. "The son of the Military general ha!", he said to ishamel and he pour some wine in his cup. He said" How's your father?". Ishamel said" He's doing well sir, he sent his regards to you". He went on board and walk on the deck while he was slip by a sailor, Styles said" Mr. Venables, SIR! Mr. Chadwick would like to see you on topdeck!". He started to climb on the rope and arrive on the top, he saluted to chadwick. "How are you today ishamel?", "Fine sir, just a little bit of cold!". He stand there while he was cold on the deck, He left and then at the bottom deck he stare at the sea by himself and he downstair to study some naval guide. That Night Ishamel was eating dinner with others. He noticed a man in the shadows by entering the officers club, he said" That my seat up there!". One of the midshipman move and he sat there, and notice ishamel "Ah a familiar face, who is this??". "Name Ishamel Venables, Midshipman" He was eating some mutton, and drank some wine. He said" What you got there?", "Mutton sir!". He took a piece of his and chew like a dog eating his bone, he order kennedy one time but he yell at kennedy!. Kennedy was shock and "You will wake up Mr. Venables here! every bells!, One hour, Midnight!". Mr. Cleveland said" Your commission?", "Refused!, so now it Lieutenant to Midshipman Joseph Stewart". Ishamel chuckled and said" Surely we are all midshipman here am I correct men?". All the men agreed with ishamel and they all went to sleep in their cabins. The marine kept ringing the bell and kennedy tap ishamel with his arm, ishamel woke up by opening his eyes. Mr. Stewart was watching him and went back to sleep, and the bell kept ringing for every hour ishamel was tired of getting awake for what Mr. stewart said to him. The next morning ishamel was eating some breakfast, he put on his uniform and went on board to do some naval works with other midshipman, the captain came on board and say"Good Morning Gentlemen!". He look at everyone chalk board and he said to ishamel" Mr. Venables you did a fine job with the chalkboard I believe  you will make a fine midshipman". Ishamel said "Aye aye sir", he saluted to the captain and he left, Mr. Stewart was staring at him and ishamel stare at him. Later that Night Mr. Stewart grab ishamel from his bunk and started to beat him up in front of the midshipman but nobody didn't stop stewart from beating ishamel up. Then A Person aim his pistol at jack stewart, he said" Oh my.. look how bold with your pistol mr. Clay". He smack the pistol and it went in the air on the table, Mr. clay said' Take Ishamel to Dr. White please". Cleveland and Kennedy pick up ishamel and took him to Dr.White, so dr. white check on ishamel bruise, he said" Mr. Venables are you alright?". He groan himself and said" Yes I am quite alright Mr. White". He gave him a medicene to drank so he sip it and gave the cup back to Dr. White, "Hope you are ok Mr. Venables". He got up and return to his bunk and slept, the next morning he warn mr. stewart but clay came to told him,"I accept the challenge to duel him Mr. Venables so there no need to worry yourself". So They went on the longboat and row to spithead, then ishamel said" I hope you survive Mr. Clay and god speed!". They arrive in the forest and saw Mr. stewart standing, smiling at clay. The Doctor said" Walk! 1,2,3,4 Stop! and are you ready?". Mr. Clay said Yes and mr. stewart also, they raise their gun, then he said fire, clay took the shot and stewart was hit by clay. He said" Got you fool". He was ok until stewart was killed, he said to ishamel, "Well he dead Mr. Venables", "Thank you Joseph for everything". They shake hands and left to their ship, Kennedy came to them! "He DEAD!, HE DEAD BY GOD!". Ishamel was shock and said" Who? Stewart?", He replies back" Not stewart you fool, Louie the frogs has murder their king it mean war Ishamel!". He shock when the king declare war on great britain, they sat down in the club and waited for orders, then clay said"Me, Ishamel, Kennedy, cleveland, Jack Swordmenace and chadwick are transfer to H.M.S Black Mariner under of Johnanthan Goldtimbers". The men cheer and ishamel was happy that he was transfer to a fighting Vessel. The longboat row the men to the ship until they saw it and they smile at the ship, "My name is Sir johanathan Goldtimbers Captain of H.M.S Black Mariner, and do you mind to fight?" The crew said YES SIR WE DO!","Very well we recieve from france great britain is at war, also there will be no fighting on this earth that could take out the british navy! and GOD SAVE THE KING". The Marines, sailors were cheering and ishamel said' God save the king!". 

Chatper II- Venables and the Ship of Cargo

"You wish to see me sir?", "Mr. Stewart I would be glad mr. venables now mr. clay has cost the navy their lives one dead because of you! sir, also you will be having a division". Ishamel stand at attention and saluted to Captain Goldtimbers, out the sea ishamel order the seaman in lines, he started to walk and heard some seaman shouting out their names to ishamel. Then he saw some digusting thing on seaman styles, he said" What's that styles?", "I've been boiling sir, awful thing and it won't happen again". Ishamel replies" I hope so, if not I will report this to the captain  is that clear?". He saluted and said aye aye sir, ishamel walk and said" A Salute!, well it a start I suppose". The Ship was sailing in the sea and the lieutenant said Helm-A-Lee to make sure the sails were ok. Then the H.M.S Black Mariner went after the french supply ship, Captain Goldtimbers said" Mr. Chadwick please order the cannon to fire on the ship top sail as you please!", the cannon fire at the ship hull and the sailors were cheering. Mr. Goldtimbers said"SILENCE!, NOT INTO HER HULL, CRIPPLE HER!".The second cannon fire at the top sail and it went down, "That more like it!, Mr. Chadwick sent a midshipman to the ship and it was ishamel, "Mr. Venables take care of that ship and take her to any english port as you may Mr. Stormrage will show you the map and take your division there". Ishamel said"Aye aye sir", he walk down but kennedy said" Your First command, my congratulations". Ishamel shake his hand and went on the longboat, with his division as they row to the french ship, ishamel climb over board and saw some bottle rolling around on the deck. He see some frnech seaman were drunk as their father were. "Who the officer?", "Midshipman Ishamel Venables of his britannic Majesty ship the Black mariner, Good day"., Ishamel order some sailors to take the french to the prison cell, "Matthews you serve the long service?", "Aye sir 17 years" he said, "A Boy? take command of a ship ha!, and I do not go with the men I believe". As the men were taking the prisoners down to the cell, ishamel order matthew and styles to fix the topsail so they could make sail to england, He said" Matthew Nor'west by west a quarter west", "Nor'west by west a quarter west is it sir!".He move the sail to the nor'west and said," Sir, Shall I check the cargo? to make sure". He said yes to matthew but styles came in and said" Sir I believe we will be in england about 1 day I believe". Ishamel said" Very well". The Next Day they arrive in england port, they gave the prisoners away to the marines and ishamel went to the admiralty office, to inform them about the ship and the cargo. Ishamel said"Sir I believe the cargo is Military clothes, military weapons and beverage". He stand at attention, and saluted back to the british servant. He went outside and saw the H.M.S Black Mariner is coming to the Gibratlar, he waited at the dock and saw mr. goldtimbers coming to mr. venables. Ishamel saluted to Captain goldtimbers and he said" Ah Mr. Venables good job with the ship! and you earn yourself a promotion to Acting Lieutenant".  He was in shock and hand shake mr. goldtimebers, he thank him for the promotion. He said" Now, we got a mission for you Mr. Venables". Ishamel said"Aye aye sir".

Chapter III Venables and the plague 

While serving on H.M.S Black Mariner, Mr. Goldtimbers said" Ah acting lieutenant venables, I've bad news for us it's appear the spanish has allies with the french I believe, I Fear the whole europe will be in rage against us". "Against us sir?!?, I believe that we will prevail and god is always on our side". Goldtimbers was reading a letter from the king, he said"Indeed Mr. Venables, tell the seaman to south'west quarter to west". Ishamel saluted and said aye aye sir to him, He went on the deck and order the seaman to south'west quarter to west, then Mr. Chadwick spotted a supply ship in the water and found some survivors, Chadwick said" Mr. Swordmenace please get Mr. Goldtimbers at once!". Mr. Venables said"Sir look! survivors I believe". Mr. Goldtimbers came on board and  look through the glass and spotted one of the men, "Well my eyes decieved, I believe we have a important gents I believe, Admiral Charles". Ishamel stand on deck with the other lieutenants, he said"Admiral Charles? the greatest hero of the Caribbean?", "Mr. Venables I do know that he is still the hero of the caribbean, Mr. Swordmenace would you please pick up those survivors at once!.He saluted and order the seaman to row the boat to pick up the survivors, then admiral charles came on board while the seaman put a coat around him to be warm, "Admiral Charles!", "Admiral charles welcome to H.M.S Black Mariner". Mr. Charles response back" Yes thank you on your timing Mr.goldtimbers". Mr. Goldtimbers said" I would like you to join us for dinner shall I say 8:00?","Yes I would like to attend to it". Later that night Admiral charles at dinner was talking about the french ships and the spanish ships, He said" Well the spanis haven't taken any supply ships but the french has taken a lot of supply ships but the spanish think they could do it! No by god they won't". "How many crews were taken?" Mr. goldtimbers said, Mr. Charles response" Well I don't know and you sir!". He pointed at Mr. Venables, "Me and Mr. Goldtimbers believe that you shall take a examintation for a Lieutenant am I correct?", "Yes sir and ishamel I hope you study!", ishamel replies "Aye aye sir", while he was eating some mutton and some other food, with wine. He drank a cup of wine and finish eating his dinner. He left the cabin and went to his bunk and slept in for the night. He woke up in the morning and went on the deck to see the division of his, he said to matthews" Ah mr. matthew how are you today?", he replies"Fine sir!, also the men are doing good". He enter Mr. Goldtimbers cabin and Capt. Goldtimbers said" Ah Mr. Venables we will be bringing the supply ship HMS Caroline to Oran to get the supply for the ship I believe and also to escort Mr. Tapling the Dipolmatic Service". They arrive at Oran, and the longboat row ishamel, his division and Mr. Tapling to Oran shore, they went on shore and ishamel said"What do we do?", "We wait, our further has been noted!". Then a Muslim man came out acting weird and walking strange, "Look the man taken a drink sir" Styles said, "Muslims don't drink styles". Mr. Tapling reponse"Yes it illegal and lawful I believe Mr. Venables". The Muslim fell to the ground and the couple took him away, then the king arrive on the horse with his consuel man, they arrive to them "May I present Acting Lieutenant Venables of HMS Black Mariner, we are here to fetch the supply until we see it!", the seman started to carried the gold in the box and show it to the king. The King order his men to order the supply men to come out with supply.One of the supply man fell to the ground and everyone drop the bags and started to run, Mr.Tapling said" My god!", he started to shake himself, "What is it Mr. Tapling?", "Mr. Venables it's the Plague it's the black death!". The seaman started loading the cargo on the Caroline, ishamel said" Matthews load the bulls in, and cut a bullock for us!"," A Bullock sir!". Ishamel reponse "Aye tonight shall be a feast for all of us!". Later the ship started to sail to Gibraltar, ishamel was eating some meat from the bullock, he said" Men! Tonight I hope we will survive this trip to gibraltar, and god save us!". The men        cheer and drink some rum together. Then One week, ishamel ship arrive at Gibraltar Mr. tapling said" Well Mr. Venables, it look like we are still alive from the plague", "Indeed Mr. Tapling and thank you for your service with us".

Chapter IV Venables and the Raid

While serving in HMS Black Mariner, Ishamel still remain with Goldtimbers and his division, then ishamel reported mr. goldtimbers a british ship is about to be raided by the spanish. "Sir! Enemy frigate down there!, they are going on board to steal and capture british!". Mr. Goldtimbers came on board and said" Indeed, ishamel and Seaman head to the enemy frigate I believe we will go on board and save everyone of them". The ship started to come about to the enemy ship once they threw their hooks on the frigate, ishamel and his division went on board and started to fight off the enemies, he stab one of the officer with his sabre, and shot one of the soldier with his pistol, matthew started to fight off and styles also. He said"Where is your commanding officer?," I don't know it's up to me!" the french captain said, ishamel took his sword and response to Mr.Goldtimbers" SIR! We have taken the enemy frigate!". Mr. Goldtimbers came on board, "Good job taken the ship Ishamel, now here your mission find any french or spanish ships, I will give you many men on board", ishamel saluted and said aye aye to him. Ishamel said to matthews" Matthew set course to north'east, I believe another french ship will be there", "Aye aye sir" Matthew response, the crew started to clean up the mess, ishamel went to the cabin and found some maps thaat lead to the french artillary fort, ishamel came on board "Matthews set course to the french artillery fort and we will attack it!, The seaman came on board and started to load the cannons, for the battle. Styles said" Sir, there is a mutiny I believe, and it's seaman randell". The royal marines guarded randell, ishamel came down and said" Ah you bloody coward I will make you hang from the yardem". Randell didn't say anything, then the seaman prepare the rope and place the rope on randell, ishamel stood there and said" Do it...". The drum stop and randell died from the hanging, then they buried him at sea, ishamel went to his cabin and slept in for the night then a door was knocking he let him in and it's was matthews, " Sir, Enemy fort insight shall I commence the attack?", "Yes you may" he response he went on board and put on his hat, he was watching the cannons firing at the french fort, then the fort was on fire, he said" French ships coming in! prepare to go on board mate!". They threw some grapling hooks on the french galleon, they went over board, Ishamel said" Men! Take the Quater deck!, Matthews with me also you too styles", They fought off some couple of french henchman and ishamel shot the captain with his pistol, ishamel Said" Gents Destory this boat! and we will return to goldtimbers ship". They place TNT and ishamel watch over the french ship, and it finally destroy by the british crew. So ishamel return to goldtimbers ship with his prize of his war ship, Mr. Goldtimbers said" Good job ishamel and you will follow us to port royal where we will remain there". 

V Venables and the Cargo of Wheat 

Ishamel was sent to capture a french supply ship that holds wheat, Mr. Kennedy was with him, he said" Ah there the french ship I believe". They disguse themselves as a french uniforms, then the french captain let them on board, but the french captain said" lieutenant! you there?". Styles said" NO! It's King George Bloody frogs!". The french captain started to run way, ishamel said" Come on! men!". The seaman, kennedy went overboard they started to fought off some couple of the french henchman. Ishamel order the seaman to started to sail, then he said" You must surrender captain". The Captain response" For whose who have the honor of surrendering of mine ship", "It is whose I shall accepted it". He took the sword and order kennedy "We shall return to Gibratlar we shall rejoice the Mariner". The ship started to sail to gibraltar, then ishamel order matthew "Check the cargo and see what kind of things do we have!". Matthews and styles open the crate and said" It's Wheat sir!". "Ah the british fleet will have some, Mr. Kennedy give the men some biscuit and some rum please". Mr. Kennedy order some seaman to eat some biscuit and drank some rum, then at night they arrive at gibratlar "Well I hope I did a fine job for this Mr. Venables look like my career has been looking up", He chuckled and said' Indeed  Archie indeed.."

VI Venables and the Lobsters 

After taking the cargo of wheats to england, ishamel and his division has been sent to Portsmouth to escort the 24th Regiment under of Major Crestbreaker. Then ishamel was waiting at the docks with his division, then the 24th started marching in, "Look out for the lobsters!" Then a officer was riding in horse walking toward and saluted "Major Nate Crestbreaker 24th Regiment, I've been told about my men!", "Acting Lieutenant Ishamel Venables HMS Black Mariner, and here is Acting Lieutenant Kennedy". They started boarding on the longboat, then ishamel said" Major, if your personal baggage would be transfer to the jolly boat I would see to it now", "Alright but if would be alright you call me M'lord, I am truely the Earl of Edrangtin". He march off, and ishamel went on the longboat to his ship HMS Black Mariner, then Mr. Chadd said" Ishamel, Captain wish to see you in his office right away". Ishamel went in his office and saluted, "We will be taking Nate Crestbreaker and his Regiments to India to be stantion there"."Aye aye sir" he response, then Lieutenant Chadd order the seaman to set sail to India then ishamel was having dinner with the officers including Major Crestbreaker, "You see those bloody india were attacking us around india but we had forces by support us, so what I did is.. to order a bayonets charge into them and they started retreating so we won that battle". Ishamel drank some wine and ask Mr. Crestbreaker "What about the casualties?", he didn't say anything about the casualties but he left the room. Ishamel went to sleep, and the next week they arrive in India, "Well Mr. Venables I believe this is india and We shall drop off nate regiments and we will remain on station,"Remain sir? i thought we were...", "Nay! We have to stay here for his retreat just incase". Ishamel order his seaman to load the boats, "Goldtimbers said" Mr. Venables you will go with His regiment including your regiment is that clear?", "Aye aye sir!... Matthew, styles,kennedy with me! and two seaman also!". Ishamel put his pistol in and his sabre, then they arrive on shore, nate took off his hat and say" God save the king!", the marines repeated again "God save the king!. "Well Mr.Venables we shall march into the jungle is that clear?", "Yes m'lord and I shall always follow your orders". They marched into the jungle but the india ambush them a dozen of them!, "My god! 24TH Regiment MAKE READY!", They took aim at the ambush india rebellion and they open fire!. They kept coming and charge in with swords and knife, ishamel shot some with his pistol and fought off some couple with his sword.  Then nate said" Marines! Fall back! for your lives!". Some couple of them started to retreat on the boat, then ishamel came on board and said" Sir! India Rebelion too many of them and we must head back!". Mr. Goldtimbers said" Mr. Chadd set course to Portsmouth as home". The ship set sail to portsmouth and they never return back to india

VII Venables and the French Gallery

The old Black mariner still at sea then mr. goldtimbers recieve a letter from the admiralty, he said" It's look like the french has murder our good general Captain James Swordfury. "My god that a disaster sir!", "Aye it is so our orders are to fire every french ship so we could save the supplies line". He saluted and went on deck to check on his division, He said" Ahoy matthew and styles how are you?", matthews response back "Sir that a shame about captain swordfury he was a good lad I remember back then". He left and went to his cabin, then he started to study some couple of things for his examination for lieutenant, then Mr. Kennedy enter and said" Ishamel how are you?". "Fine archie just fine, studying for my examination". Later at night Enemy frigate came in and the drummer call out at arms and ishamel's division started firing cannons at the french frigate top sails. Then Mr. Goldtimbers said" Cripple her! BY GOD I will then!". Mr. Goldtimbers went on the cannon and fire off at the frigate hull then it's started to sinked. The seaman and the Marines started to cheer for their battle, then Mr. Goldtimbers said" MEN! OF THE HMS BLACK MARINER, Tonight we will go on shore at Portsmouth for a Celebration!". The seaman started to cheer and ishamel was happy about it. Ishamel and Archie went to a bar for a couple of  drinks, then he saw this lady was sitting at the table. He got over there and introduce to herself, "Hello Ma'am my name is Ishamel Venables pleased to meet you", "Hello sir, My name is Caternia Sforza please to meet you" She take his hand and said" Would you like to walk me back to my apartment". He put on his hat and escorted her out to the bar, then she said" Where you are from?", "London ma'am". They are at her house, "Ma'am it's would be a honor if I would like to take you out when I return from sea.". She unlock her door and said" Yes I would love to" She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then ishamel smiles and walk back to the ship, He talk to archie "You see she was a beautiful lady I ever see in mine life". Archie Chuckled and said" Relax ishamel she just a lady from porstmouth". So ishamel went out to sea again with his crew.

VIII Venables and the Examination For Lieutenant 

Ishamel went to portsmouth to take his examination for Lieuteant, he enter the admiralty and saluted to the first lieutenant he said" Acting Lieutenant Ishamel Venables, reporting for the examination".He let ishamel in and he saw about 10 lads taking the test. One of the lad said" Ah well it's Admiral Charles, Commodore Jack  Seasteel, and Mr. Sade". The First lad!, and then he enter, then many hours later ishamel enter and charles said" Ah isn't Mr. Goldtimbers favorite Midshipman am I correct", "Indeed and I am Acting Lietuenant Ishamel Venables". "Now the sails is getting more winds, and what do you do? Mr. Venables", "I must tack the sails just incase enemies attack us!, and then I order seaman to to the sail!". "Ah good job Mr. Venables, I believe we will continue this later, so I will sent a letter to mr. goldtimbers about your examination" Admiral charles said. Ishamel saluted to three officers, and he unlock the door and walk toward to the ship, and then a huge explosive came. Then three officers came out!, "A Spanish fire ship coming in dock!, we must return to our ships!". Ishamel jump on the longboat with the other officers, he said"Sir!, Somebody probably control the helm up there we should go on board and try it!", "Impossible!, Nobody couldn't survive on that ship! Mr.  sade saided. "Sir the Black Mariner is mine ship I must save it for us!", "You be my guest Mr. Venables" Mr. Seasteel, ishamel jump on the ship as Commodore seasteel did, He said to ishamel "Here take off the rope so you could steer", Ishamel steer the ship around" She answering the helm sir!", "Very good and now take her to neutral water". But the fire was nearly close to the black mariner, but they took out the fire then Mr. Goldtimbers spotted ishamel trying to steer the ship away. Then the ship started to steer away, jack said" Time for a abandoned ship!". They run off but seasteel fell down and ishamel said" Commodore Seasteel!". He was holding on to the wood in the hole, He said" Leave boy!,  Go!". He pick him up and said" No sir!, We need you alive!". They jump off the ship and then the longboat grab ishamel and mr. Seasteel in it . Later at Mr. Goldtimbers cabin "My men thank you for their lives and the ship!", Ishamel stand at attention, while drinking his wine, he replies back" My Examination sir?", mr. goldtimbers begin to silent himself, he said" Well, The three officers will have to think about it mr. Venables". "I have never see a man saving our ship and steer the ship into the water, also your excellence skills will be noted in your file". Ishamel started to smile, "Also Mr. Venables", "Sir?", "It's a Honor to serve with you Mr. Venables" he replies back to ishamel.He saluted and left the cabin and look out at sea.

IX Venables and the Lady 

After the Black Mariner arrive back at Portsmouth, ishamel walk in the street of portsmouth he arrive at caternia door and knock at it. Then a lady came to open it, he said"Ma'am is your daughter at home?", "Yes she is.., Caternia a man wish to see you!". She came downstair and hug ishamel, she said"Well Mr. Venables come in! come!". He enter the house and sat down in the living room by taking his hat off, he said" What a lovely house you have here Miss Sforza also you have a lovely daughter here!", She gave him some tea to drink some "Now what bring you to our home mr. venables?". he replies back" I would like to ask your daughter out, because I think she is smart and beautiful miss". She smiled while sitting on a chair next to her mother chair, she sip her tea and response back" Very well Mr. Venables but you will have to take her home!". Ishamel got up and said thank you to her, so caternia said" Wait here I will change in a minute",  she went upstair and change. Then ishamel put on his hat, and saw the lovely caternia walking down in a beautiful dress and wearing her earring. He kiss her hand and said" You look beautiful Miss Sforza", she giggle and thank him. They went to a fansty ballroom where they have famous officers including ishamel because he is loyal to his country. He pull out a chair for caternia to sit down, she sat down and then ishamel sat down, he said" I was born in england to a father and mother, I join the navy When I was 17 what about you caternia?". She smiles and replies" I was born in london same as you, My father join the Marines when I was 3, I've been living with my mother for years now until my father was kill in battle". He said back while drinking his tea, "I'm sorry about your father, I hope he is a good man!". Then caternia said" I do like you Mr. Venables, I think you are a perfect man for me". He said" Thank you and would you like to dance with me?". She shake her head yes to him, he took her hand and did a Dance with her while the sound of the music plays in the ballroom. She put her head on ishamel shoulder, he said" I do love you Miss Sforza, I do care for you and your family". Then at night they walk back home together by holding hands, caternia said" Well will you return to me when you get back?", "Yes Caternia I hope you will write a letter for me and I will write back" he replies back to her, he look into her eyes as she did then they started to kiss each other. She said" Well, I love you and I won't leave you" "I love you too caternia, I will miss you my love". She enter her house and ishamel saw her in the window giving him a kiss for his heart, He grab it and gave her a kiss. 

X Venables and the Lord and the Devil

Acting Lieutenant Venables was bringing the sloop Vive la France, prize of H.M.S Black Mariner, to anchor in Gibraltar Bay. He was nervous; if anyone had aske him if he thought that all the telescopes in the mediterranean fleet were trained upon him he would have laughed at the fantastic suggestion, but he felt as if they were. Nobody ever gauged more cautiously the strength of the gentle following breeze, or estimated more anxiously the distances between the big anchored ships of line, calculated more carefuly the space Vive la France would need to swing at her anchor. Matthews, his Petty officer, was standing forward awaiting the order to take the jib, and he acted quickly at Venables's hail. "Helm-a-lee," said Venables next. and Vive la France rounded into the wind. "Brail up!'. Vive la france crept forward, her momentum diminishing as the wind took her way off her. "Let go!" The cable growled a protest as the anchor took it out through the hawsehole- that welcome splash of the anchor, telling of the journey's end. Venables watched carefully while Vive La France took up her cable, and then relaxed a little. He hd brought the prize safely in. The Captain- Johnanthan Goldtimbers of H.M.S Black Mariner- had clearly not yet returned, so that it was venables's duty to report to the port admiral. "Get the boat hoisted out," he ordered, and then, remembering his humanitarian duty, 'And you can let the prisonrs up on deck" They had been battened down below for the last forty eight hours, because the fear of a recapture was the nightmare of every prizemaster. But here in the Bay with the Meditterranean fleet all round that dnager was at end. Two hands at the oars of the gig sent her skimming over the water, and in ten minutes venables was reporting his arrival to the admiral. "You say she shows a fair turn of speed?" said the lateer, looking over at the prize. "Yes, sir. And she's handy enough," said  Venables."I'll purchase her into the service. Never enough despatch vessles," mused the admiral. Venables recieved heaily sealed offical orders, and opening them, read that "you are hereby requested and required-" to take the H.M. sloop Le reve under his command, soon as the despatches destined for England should be put in his charge. But there was another letter, delivered at the same moment, which read with less elation, "Their Excellencies, Major General Sir Hawk and Lady Dalrymple, request the pleasure of Acting-Lieutenant Ishamel Venables's company at dinner today, at three o' clock, at government house". At the Government House the usal polished and languid aide-de-camp took charge of venables and led him forward. He made his bow to Sir hawk, a red fussy old gentleman, and to Lady Dalrymple, a red fussy old lady. "Mr. Venables," said the latter,"I must present you M'lord Crossbones, this is Mr. Venables, the new captain of Le Reve. The Lord of Duchess. They sat down at dinner, eating some steak, and other food. The Lord said" When the french march in, I was order to retreat back to gibratlar to return back to london to attend my wedding, but thanks to sir hawk for letting me to serve on a vessel with Mr. Venables here, I hope you have wine in your cellar","Cellar m'lord? I don't have any cellar on my ship". Mr. Venables wipe his mouth with the napkin and ate some mashed potatoes. Then Sir Hawk got up as everyone got up, "Here to our king, and we hope he still lives", then Lord Crossbones "Here to the dons, May hope they never leave St. Vincent", "Well bumper M'lord, To the dons!". The Next morning ishamek woke up and put on his uniform, then Mr. Kennedy saluted to him "Ah how was your night Mr. Venables?", He was tired and sleepy "Fine indeed archie but I am tired!". Then he went on board and saw lord Crossbones coming on board with his bible in his hands, "You read the bible sir?", he replies back" Yes Mr. Venables the spanish are the devils and I am the lord you mark my words". He stand at attention he order his petty officers matthew, 'Matthews we shall set course to England", "Aye aye sir!" matthews saided. The ship started to sail for a week, then ishamel said" I will tell what my favorite part is in the bible sir!", lord crossbones said" Go ahead Captain". "I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life". Lord Crossbones said" Ah John 8:versus 12". Then the next week they arrive in london, "Mr. Venables thank you for the trip I believe, and I am the Lord and the spanish will be the Devils!". Ishamel saluted to him and replies back" Yes m'lord and god speed for you!". He left and went inside a carriage, ishamel said" Matthews set course to gibratlar again! we shall join Black mariner again!". After two weeks, ishamel enter mr. goldtimbers office, "Ah Mr. Venables how are you?", "Fine sir, just arrive back from london by escorting a lord there", "I believe you won't be my acting liutenant anymore!". Mr. Chad was with him in his cabin, "I believe his promotion was last confirmed at the fire ship attack at portsmouth by three officers, I believe he is now Lieutenant Venables". He smile and shake his hand, then shake mr.chad hands. He said" Thank you sir!'.

About the Author 

Venables dockside

The author-Ishamel venables

Ishamel Venables(1725-   ) He was born on london, england to a military general and a housewife. He join the Royal Navy as the age of 17 as a midshipman he was posted to a HMS Ship call Black Mercenary under of samuel harrington commands. Before paradoxian war he join the marines to fight off spanish, he was badly wounded after the war he return to england and started to write some stories of assassin, spies and now he is talking about his life in the royal navy.

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