Mother Russia was founded as a cave-in location on WikiCraft, but has since transformed into a full-fledged village with thriving amounts of resources. Currently living there is HoppeMC, Stormwalker, Squirto and newest resident Sharple. Originally thought of as just a localized area for a group of friends to supply themselves with everything they would need, it quickly grew and expanded at such a rate, with the largest economy in WikiCraft. Though only having 4 members, they are known to be a quite close group, only allowing those who they get to know well into their inner sanctum.


Mother Russia is a village with a current number of 4 residents. 

  1. Stormwalker: 1 of 3 co-founders of Mother Russia, past extensive knowledge of all things in WikiCraft and Minecraft in general, leader of Men.
  2. Squirto19: Co-founder of Mother Russia and current server administrator of WikiCraft, around the same knowledge of Minecraft as Stormwalker as well, first to discover the 'End'.
  3. HoppeMC: 3rd co-founder of Mother Russia, while the least knowledgable of the founders has unique talent to farm resources with speed and dedication.
  4. Sharple: Newest resident and member of WikiCraft, first started off in the town of Dreiton, however after hearing rumors of another establishment, decided to adventure off and found Mother Russia. Quickly enjoying his new found friends, he asked to become a member and was swiftly accepted.


While Mother Russia is still relatively small in general architecture and space, it has accumulated a vast amount of resources in the time it has spent as a village. 


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