Lord Maxamillion in the British Royal Navy

The Most Valuable Warrior will be updated every month with the best ranking soldiers in England, their motivation to win, their courage to fight, and their heart to never give up. Sven Daggersteel appoints new MVW's, once again, every month. If you do not regularly play POTCO, you will most likely not be on this list. 

Second Sea Lord Maxamillion 

With Maxamillion heading to battle you can feel the pressure of the fight raising. The intensity flies to a whole another level when his clutch factor kicks in, as Maxamillion either guns or captains he is known for being relentless and dominant on the seas, his SvS I.Q. is very high so that he understands every word Sven commands. Maxamillion is mainly known to fight on sea, either gunning on Sven Daggersteel's ship, or captaining his crew, he is fearless of what lies ahead. Proving himself in combat, following orders, and faith, Maxamillion is named the Most Valuable Warrior of the month. 

Lieutenant Commander James Goldtimbers (Christopher)

Not once has Christopher not been to a SvS. Christopher is always in battle whenever the British Flagship has launched. He is usually following Sven's orders on the Noble Thunder, having decent aim on the cannon and being a fast repair man. Christopher is fearless and will not ever disobey someones orders. For being a great sailor that is always present in battle, Christopher is named Most Valuable Warrior of the month. 

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