Harnik Blade



Moonblade was forged when Edgar Wildrat decided to combine the powers of Flame with its opposite. The blade was so fine and precise that it was rumoured to be The Most Wanted Possession of the Time. The blade took a entire 7 years to be perfected completely and to get the Fire Proof metal correct in balance with its water and ice abilities.

Type/Rarity Legendary Cursed Elemental Gods Blade
Attack N/A 148
Resale Value N/A 3,000,000
Mist Rank 14 Casts cloud of ice around the area freezing and blinding enemies
ROAR! Rank 16 Scares the enemy into submission! All damage is reflected towards the attacker for 60 seconds + burn effect
Wave-break Rank 17 Summons a mighty wave from your sword drowning everyone around you for a short amount of time
Numb Rank 14 Stuns the enemy with ice and freeze damage over time
Soul-sucker Rank 16 Extract the soul from your enemy rendering them stunned until revived
Use: Must have mastered sword and have a elemental cursed blade.
Type: Cutlass, however some have used it as a broadsword.

This weapon is recommended in pvp against jumpers. Simply Numb the opponent in mid jump bladestorm then right before they come out of the Numb (if they do before you defeat them) stun the enemy and you should win easily.

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