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Note: The Wedding between King Philip V and Margaret Foulvane has been called off due to issues between Margaret Foulvane and His Majesty, however, this event will still be occurring. The date has not yet been chosen. It will either be Friday, Sunday, or Monday, so check back frequently to see if any changes have been made, and we hope you can make it. Thank You :)

As many of you know, This coming Monday is a very important day, perhaps one of the most important days to ever occur in the history of POTCO. This sunday...

Paradox Spanish

The Royal Spanish Seal

  • King Phillip V's birthday is being celebrated.
  • The Cease Fire meeting will be taking place.
  • Pope Spartan Petallbee Clemente is making an appearance, and 7 new Cardinals are being chosen.

Note: There will be numerous armed Swiss Guards here. Do not worry about your safety, everything has been planned out very carefully, and is assured to be taken care of professionally.

This day will truly be a day that goes down in the history books, and is a day you do NOT want to miss.

Royal Invitees

Name Seating Arrangements Nation
King Philip V Clemente Sapphire Spain
Prime Minister Samuel Creststeel Sapphire Spain
Pope Spartan Petallbee Clemente Sapphire The Vatican
King John Augustus Breasly Platinum England
King Jack Bluehawk Platinum France
Queen Elizabeth Pondbellows Platinum France
Tsar Jeremiah Garland Platinum Russia
Emperor Davy Gunfish Platinum Japan
Wiki President Kat Bluebonnet Platinum Wikia
Ned Yellowbeard Platinum Spain
Carlos Platinum Spain
Baby Diablo Snake Platinum Spain
Grace Redskull Augustine Platinum Portugal
Grand Lord Admiral William Sharkskull Golden Spain
Prince Philip Antonio Clemente Golden Spain
Lord Admiral Matthew Blastshot Golden England
Lord Chancellor Andrew Mallace Golden England
Princess Madster Clemente Golden Spain
Pirate King Jarod Golden England
Samuel Harrington Golden England
Billy Clemente Mcsteel Golden Spain
Capt. Skull X Golden Spain
Jade Petallbee Clemente Golden Naples
Prime Minister Johnny Goldtimbers Golden England
Admiral Sven Daggersteel Silver England
General James Bladebones Silver Spain
General William Foulbutler Silver Spain
Lord William Brawlmartin Silver England
Lord Templar Jack Redsilver Silver Portugal
General Jason Brawlmartin Silver England
General Davy Daggerskull Silver Spain
General Francis Bluehawk Silver Prussia
Estella Heartlight Silver Pirate
Richard Goldvane Silver Wikia
Princess Emily Mcsteel Bronze England
Rainbow Unicorn Bronze


Emily Hearthawk


Lawrence Helmbane Bronze England
Lawrence Daggerpaine Bronze England
Jack Pistol Bronze England
Samantha Anna Firevane Bronze Spain
Commander Pango Morgan Bronze Spain
Commander George Sailward Bronze Spain
Colonel Zion Bronze Spain
Overlord Bronze The Vatican
Cad Bane Bronze England
Johnny Coaleaston Bronze England
King Matt The Great Of Switzerland Bronze Switzerland
X Jumper Bronze Spain
Jeffrey Blasthawk Bronze Portugal
Johnathon Turner Bronze Pirate/Barbary
Kelly Stormeagle First Class England
Pirate Lord David Mcmartin First Class England
John Warsmythe First Class England
James Dreadhawk First Class England
Maxamillion First Class Spain
Nicholas Flameberge First Class Spain
Sven Redbeard First Class Spain
Elizabeth Bane First Class England
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
First Class
Cortez Second Class England
Jack Stormrage Second Class England
Eric Machawk Second Class England
Second Class
Ben Squidskull Second Class Pirate Nations
Peter Wavefury Second Class Spain
Keeper of The Dead Second Class Spain
Jim Logan Second Class England
Mikhail Volkov Second Class Russia
Jack Goldwrecker Second Class England
Hidan Second Class Spain
Peter Coalvane Second Class Spain
Richard Gunwalker Second Class Spain
David Sharkshot Second Class Spain
Jason Shiprat Second Class Japan
David Second Class Spain
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class
Second Class

( - More are to be added - ) The limit for this event will be 100, invited.

Schedule - All times are E.S.T.

1.) 4pm - 4:30pm: Guests arrive, and are shown to their seats.
Beraadzaal meeting room

The dining hall aboard the HMS Verde Noche, where the Cease Fire meeting will occur.

2.) 4:30pm - 5:45: King Philip V's first birthday celebration occurs.

5.) 5:45 - 5:50: The attendees of the cease fire meeting are taken into a private room.

6.) 5:50 - 6:15: The Cease Fire Meeting occurs.

7.) 6:15 - 6:20: The attendees of The Cease fire Meeting are escorted out, and everyone heads for Avaricia.

8.) 6:20 - 6:45: New Cardinals are chosen by Pope Spartan Petallbee

9.) 6:45 - 9:00: King Philip V's second birthday celebration occurs.

10.) 9:00 - 9:15 - All Guests are escorted out.

Location of Event

1.) Server: Savica thumb|300px|right|Ave Maria

2.) First Birthday Celebration - Kingshead

3.) Meeting - Classified

4.) Pope's Cardinal Election - Rumrunner's Island

5.) Second Birthday Celebration - Various Ships, details to be added

El Menu

1.) Appetizer

  • Tilapia y salsa verde


The Royal Dining Halls.

  • Es Cargo
  • Cordobiano pescado y la salsa rojo

2.) First Entrée

  • Onion de Francais
  • Pescado de Cajun
  • Le Chimichanga Y Salsa Rojo

thumb|300px|right|King Phillip V's theme song

3.) Second Entrée

  • La Ambrosia de manzanas y naranjas

4.) Desert

  • Flan de chocolates
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