About Missionary

Missionary was founded by the Legendary Pirate Thomas O' Davis. Missionary purpose is to defeat the evil Jolly Roger and to restore peace to the Caribbean. Missionary is a new Guild that grew alot in a little time. Missionary has made some alliances and enemies in its short life but really is a small guild in a the caribbean. Missionary is still growing if you want to join i might be on tortuga any server. But mostly im leveling

The Guildmaster

Thomas O' Davis is a fierce Pirate of the Caribbean that escaped the EITC jail 9 times in one day. Thomas O' Davis is currently level 48 and has settled down and started a guild, but is still levelling fast. He does alot plundering, but mostly found at Isla Tormenta or Ravens Cove levelling up. You could try to find the guild's officers to join.


Guilmaster: Thomas O' Davis

Council: 12

Members: 304

Founded: June 22



Skulls Marines

Gen. Of Peace

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