Midnight Seeker is a cutlass belonging to the famous Jack Daggermenace.


This sword was the most powerful sword in the Caribbean belonging to the group of Master Ex.  Jack was using it to fight the very powerful, Jolly Roger, and lost. When Jack got knocked out, Jolly took the sword as a reward. It is now kept in Jolly's dwelling.... no one knows where that is. The other one, is still in possesion to Jack, but still, no one knows where that is either.
180px-Shadow 2Cutla1ss
180px-Shadow Cutla1ss
  • It adds many points to all skills
Rarity Master Ex
Type Cutlass
Attack : 90
Midnight Strike Rank- 7 Makes a deathly hurricane, damaging everything in sight
Seeker Form Makes you into a ghost & adding 4 points to each skill
Shadow Warrior Rank - 7 Turns you invisible for a limited time... your enemies are very confused.

Chain Capture Rank- 7

Puts every enemy in sight in chains for a limited time.
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