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Mercenaire is an Undead boss that ranges from levels 50-70. His pistol, Mercenaire's Repeater, is strong enough to fire a bullet straight through stone. His sabre, Mercenaire's Sabre, is sharper than the Kraken's tooth and will cut through a sheet of iron like it's butter.


Mercenaire was not always the vile undead creature we know of today. He used to be Jean Le'Fleur, a French Mercenary and explorer. Jean was an ambitious man. One day, enjoying a nice day at sea, he spotted an island with one large mountain on it. He immediately knew this is where he should make his colony. He decided not to add it to the charts at the time. They made the town alone and brought settlers. They killed the Caribs infesting the island. He deemed the Ile de la Grande. Just when Jean thought they had it made, he saw undead ships arrive in the dead of night! With half of his crew asleep he was sure they would be killed. But he stood firm. He awoke his crew. He told his crew to stand with guns ready. Jolly was confused at their readiness. As Jolly was momentarily distracted, Jean began to strike Jolly, who turned him into a skeletal mercenary. He was given a blade and a repeater pistol. He was christened under the new name Mercenaire. His crew became undead.

Mercenaire Today

Mercenaire controls most undead french. His minions are called Undead Mercenaries. He is a boss on the island Ile de la Maudite.



Obtainable Weapons

Mercenaire's Repeater

Mercenaire's Sabre

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