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Maximum Carnage is the very legendary blade used by the master of Darkness himself, Carnage. He created the blade using cursed gold from Aztlan. Carnage mainly uses it in a duel, otherwise he summons his minions.


Rarity: Legendary

Type: Broadsword

Attack: 115

  • Maximum Carnage - Rank 5

The blade consumes you, turning you into a red ghost. You are completely indestructable and can destroy any enemy with a single hit for 30 seconds.

  • Power Slash - Rank 5

A powerful, crushing blow. Does 700-1,100 damge and knocks the victim down for 15 seconds.

  • Freeze Sweep - Rank 5

Freezes all nearby foes for 20 seconds.

  • Dark Aura - Rank 5

Increases all nearby ally's attack power by 50%.

Bladestorm boost +7

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