I, Alessiano Matthias Louis "Wesk" O'malley Goldtimbers-Wilde, would like to present my last will and testament. All items I have inherited are to be handed down to the specified peoples and in the case that any of the specified peoples are dead before my dying breath, their next of kin are to receive the item in question. This will is witnessed by Sir Richard Goldvane. I would like to take the time to thank those of you who have been there for me in tough times. Without further adieu,

  • To Grace Marie Wilde: I give my estate, my family heirlooms inherited from the Goldtimbers' Estate, my currency reserves, my sapphire wedding ring, the hand-made sword given to me by Samuel Dakre, the hand-forged broadsword bestowed to me by Nicholas Flamberge, my black cavalier, my fishing hat.
  • To Captain Joseph Strom: I give my personal dagger cache, my diplomat corset, my personal jewelry collection
  • To Sultan Hermin Parax: I give my espionage uniform, my ottoman faded long coat, my ottoman prince sash, my wedding sash.
  • To Ishamel Venables: I give my diplomat long coat, my diplomat capris, my diplomat shoes, my walking stick from Denmark.
  • To Keira Kinover-Mar: I give my Villainy Doll, my Bloodfire Blade.
  • To Nicholas Flamberge: I bestow my Assassin Empire uniform, my French diplomat garrison, my privateer serpent-skin boots, my dragon-skin fishing vest, my black high boots
  • To Sir Richard Goldvane the Great: I honor you with my Admiral uniform, my judge's gaucho, my Ottoman privateer chapeau.
  • To Sir Samuel Dakre: I give my personal cache of forged weapons I made over the years, and co-ownership of the Estate of Antama along with Lady Grace Marie Wilde.
  • To Emperor Davy Hokwekre: I give my current uniform (the Chien Trainer uniform)
  • To Sir Jack Bluehawk: I give you my collection of shrunken heads from India
  • To Queen Roberta Moone: I give my nightgown (plain cotton shirt, violet yellow breeches, night cap)
  • To King George Augustus Jonathan Breasly: I give my manor in London, to the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to use as a national landmark/museum.
  • To Captain Kwagar Occata: I return my Imperial uniform.
  • To Halle Goldtimbers: I give my engraved box belt (it reads "May you find hope in the hardest of times").
  • To Captain James Logan and the Brethren Court: I give my pirate clothing from my days as a notorious pirate lord of the English Channel.
  • To PPW Admins/Users: I give my last apology, for all the wrong I have done to all of you. You never deserved to have your pages deleted nor did you deserve such a harsh punishment to be given by me. I apologize for ruining your wiki forever.
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