Matts favorite place to stand.


Last picture of Matthew Gunrat.

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Notorious pirate in the former game Pirates Of The Caribbean Online.

For a long time switched between larger guilds, becoming high ranked in Fearless Demonds (a guild he was with until it disbanded), and PEACE Keepers before landing in a less known guild Sand Mans. The Sand Mans was run by Kerid and Maggie O' Brower. Matthew Gunrat was a good friend of both of these people puting him in high regards with guild rank. After the guild went inactive he landed in the infamous guild Spartans Savvy Jrs. He became good friends with the guilds second in command Rachel Yelloweaston. He quickly made officer status in the guild and was well known among other officers. Further guild status can be seen in the page. Savvys Academy

Where you could find him

Matt was often found plundering the high seas in his favorite ship, The Crimpson General, a war frigate. Or raiding the Isle Tormentia with his good friend Rachel, or other Savvy members and officers. He also spent time playing Black Jack on PDF. Rumor has it that he had a friend he knew in real life and in the game, and they were often found together fighting for the French in player v. Player ship battles. When he was doing nothing else you could find him on the server Abassa hanging out with the pirates in Tourtuga.

To the very end

Matt was not seen or herd from for a good two or two and a half years for reasons unknown. He then reappeared on the very last day of the game and was spotted on the server Abassa by former Savvy members for the last hour of the game being open.