It's Official, I'm setting sails from Pirates of the Caribbean Online and headed over to Pirates of the Burning Sea. I have created a will for my pirate, a real will of items he has gotten over the time I have played Potco, not made up junk O_o. When trading comes I WILL come online and give the people below these items.

To Soar or Captain Shadow Sail goes- My bright Blue and Dark Black Sack Vests, my Navy Blue Cotton Long Sleeve, my Magenta shirt and tank, my Lavender Cotton Jacket, my Bright Red tank and shirt, my 3 bright green tanks, my Bright Green puffy shirt, my bright green cap, my bright green bandana, and finally, my dark black pants, Nautilus Blade, Sacred Pistol, Sacred Cutlass, Cutthroat's Dagger, Seven Seas Dagger, and Hex Breaker Musket, Dark Black Open Shirt, Dark Black Silk Vest, Bright Blue Tank,Bright blue cap, Bright Green Cotten Highwaters, 100,00 gold, swamp throwing knives, assassin's throwing knives, assassin's cutlass, Buccaneer's Blunderbuss, Hex Guardian Doll, Silver Freeze, Pirate Blade, Sword Masters Sabre, and Amazon Throwing Knives.

To Shade Link Goes- Bejeweled Cutlass and Viper's Den Knives, Knives of the Golden Idol. Bright Orange Cotten Highwaters.

To John Breasly (Spelling? lol) goes- 100,000 gold coins, my Dark Black Cotton Puffy Shirt, and all 984 cheat cards for Poker and Blackjack that I own.

Don't be sad if you aren't on right now cause I'm not done writing it. :o. Also sorry if some weapons or bright are duplicates of other weapons or brights you have.

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