Guild Flag

Guild Flag

Screenshot 2011-03-31 15-40-54

Chasing Down A Navy Soldier

Screenshot 2011-03-31 16-21-10
Screenshot 2011-03-31 16-43-13

Matt's Militia. Co the strong the brave matt's militia!

Screenshot 2011-04-13 15-51-20

Guild UniForms- Money Jacket

Screenshot 2011-04-27 15-20-33

Base on antik (Tortuga Town)

Screenshot 2011-04-27 15-20-28

Will Blade Rage Guards Front gate waiting for a eitc to pop out of no where!

Screenshot 2011-04-27 15-20-23

Inner Base Left Section

Screenshot 2011-04-27 15-20-14

Main Section Of base

Screenshot 2011-04-27 15-20-16

Again the main section of base

Screenshot 2011-05-03 18-39-39

Recruiting day...

Screenshot 2011-05-03 18-39-35

Walking into recruiting day

Screenshot 2011-05-03 17-50-10

Training In matt's militia (we also do pvp and capture the town)

Screenshot 2011-05-03 15-36-33

In the guild jail (guard duty) xD

Screenshot 2011-05-03 16-59-33

Guild invasion me stranding up to jolly roger

Screenshot 2011-04-28 16-37-30

In a gunfight with guild enemy (we won)

French flag Matt's Militia. Co is in a French Guild.
Pistol eagle eye Matt's Militia. Co's Favorite server is Antik!

  • Eric WarCutter: Second in Command
  • Lord Matt: First in Command

We have a total of 326 members! (at time will be weekly updated if possible)

Matt Ranks are

  1. Private
  2. Corporal
  3. Corporal Major
  4. Sergeant
  5. Sergeant First Class
  6. Warrant Officer
  7. Captain
  8. Major
  9. Lieutenant Colonel
  10. Commander
  11. Colonel
  12. Major General
  13. General

Enemies Are:

Co. Black Guard, All EITC forces, Spain


  • None


Code for guild

  • KLXT7223

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