Note: This guild has been deleted.


Our ranks are: General, Warlord, War Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Corporal, Warrant Officer, and Private. We also have a strong alliance with Elite Musket Men. We have uniforms and much more. When you join, you can be an officer if you're over level 10. Training and meetings will come in with guild news.

ATTENTION; We're in need of soldiers and a co-gm. We also have uniforms coming soon. Uniforms can vary through ranks like General through Sergeant.



Guild motto: "Take the hill lads!"

This Christmas, promotions will be handed out. Also, the guild is having a contest. People who get the most guild members in will be promoted 1 rank up. Also, everyone starts out as a Private. You must rank up through promotions and hard work. Our server is Battama.. We are also voting on the Major of Port Royal. We have thought about having squads for guild separate uniforms stuff like that. We have a training ground, so contact me in guild chat or wiki if you want to join and train. If you are attacked by EITC, be free to contact all guild members to help.

Locations and servers: We can be found on Battama and Abassa. We also have training grounds on Battama, Tortuga.

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