The Marauder's Blade

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The Marauder's Blade is a rare cutlass used by high ranking members in Marauder's Militia.

It was crafted by Simon Treasurehawk during his life in Spain. After being defeated by a Spanish Conquistador (Using double blades), he created a copy of it and finally defeated the conquistador. Several people came to buy them so Simon had to make more. After running out of materials, he took the rest of the blades and secretly fled Spain.

  • Resale: Will Automatically be taken off your weapon cache if you leave the militia, can't be sold
  • Attack: 76
  • Rarity: Famed
  • Required Level: None, you must be an officer
  • Abilities:
  1. Undead Form ~ Reduces 1/3 of an attack (Good for 120 seconds)
  2. Flurry ~ A undead attack added to your combo list
  3. Repeat ~ Can repeat a power after using it (Example, You click on bladestorm after pressing repeat, after performing bladestorm, it will be ready to use again without the recharge.)
  4. Marauder's Thrust ~ Several Thrusts, similar to bladestorm
  5. Thrust +2
  6. Hack +4
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