La Mafia Infamous Eatery

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Mama Rita's Infamous Eatery is a thriving restaurant that is famed for its excellent dishes cooked by Mama Rita herself. The restaurant is believed to be a racket of La Mafia. La Mafia provides protection for the restaurant and in return they get a cut of the profits.

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The restaurant used to be a gunsmith building owned by Mama Rita's late husband. When he died, Mama Rita converted it into a small restaurant to support her family. After lots of hard work and with her amazing cooking, it became a very popular restaurant on Tortuga.

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Mama Rita's Infamous Eatery is located in a small enclosed area of Tortuga town. The restaurant is right next to Mama Rita's cottage. The dining area is located outside at small tables situated all around the little area as nobody besides Mama Rita and her staff, The Bellas, are allowed inside the building.

Behind the wall enclosing the area is a large building that is inaccessible through main areas of town. It is believed to be a La Mafia building and that there is a secret route there from the restaurant. It is also believed that Mama Rita serves up hundreds of dishes of pasta to the hungry La Mafian goons there in the evenings.

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La Mafia Name La Mafia Description Header La Mafia Price Header
Mama Rita's Famous Pasta A simple, yet tasty pasta that is loved by all who try it. 150 Gold
Godpistol Hot Brass Special A meaty pizza with tasty stringy mozzarella with some fresh bullet shells adorning the base, you may choose if they are decorative or a delicacy. 50 Gold
Godhermit Community Buffet Special Contrary to popular belief, it is not a large buffet for the community, it is a large buffet consisting of the community. Not very common among people besides The Godhermit due to it containing humans... 50 Gold
Bella's Bolognaise Pizza Special A pizza stacked with mincemeat and various other tasty ingredients. 50 Gold
Meaty Mama Special Spaghetti and mince with blood sauce, and an eye-ball surprise! 50 Gold
Luigi's Creamy Pasta A tasty pasta that is affordable for a goon or anyone not willing to pay the high price of Mama Rita's Famous Pasta. 25 Gold
Antonio's Cheesy Pizza A simple pizza with cheese and herbs that is affordable for the average man... and goon. 25 Gold
Louis' Spaghetti An affordable and simple spaghetti for the common man. 25 Gold
Mama Rita Rolls Fresh bread rolls as plump as Mama Rita herself. 10 Gold
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