Major Reginald H. Amarilde was a high officer of the Spanish army under Francis Chiphawk, before it was discovered he was a British spy for the EITC. Amarilde's true identity is none other than Lord Jeremiah Garland's. The name "Major Reginald H. Amarilde" is an anagram of "I am Lord Jeremiah Garland", and is one of Garland's many aliases.. During Garland's time spying in the Paradox, this was the name he went under.


Seeing the Paradox as a growing problem against the East India Trading Company, Garland, then a high-lord, decided something must be done. He briefly left the EITC in July of 1744, and joined the Paradox the same month. So people would not know him as the EITC lord, though, Garland constructed a pseudonym: Major Reginald H. Amarilde, an anagram of "I am Lord Jeremiah Garland". He also changed his appearance by growing a full beard and wearing the traditional Spanish military uniform.

In the Paradox, Amarilde was a key member of the main army. During battles with the EITC, he would make it look like he was fighting, by shooting at EITC (with an unloaded gun). When his superior Paradoxian officers were not around, Amarilde would meet up with his EITC comrades in secret locations, and share all info he had gathered. This info was then distributed to the EITC database, and used to the EITC's advantage.

Then, Amarilde had a brilliant idea. He approached Francis Chiphawk, then King of Spain, and proposed to him that the Paradox found an assassin's department, with Amarilde serving as head. Chiphawk agreed, and the Department of Special Investigations was founded.

After recruiting Paradoxian members to serve as assassins in the new department, Amarilde then assigned targets. EITC targets. However, so his EITC comrades would not be assassinated, he set their names as anagrams, to send the assassins on a wild goose-chase of non-existing people. For example, one target he assigned was a man by the name of "Stanley Noah J. Coon", which is an anagram of Johnny Coaleaston.

From this, Amarilde learned more of who the Paradox's enemies were, and even discovered their master plans. Toward the end of July, after being in the guild for two weeks, he was promoted to officer by Chiphawk. He had authority over many others, and used that to his advantage. He demanded more and more info as an officer: when, where, and how the Paradox planned to strike the EITC; secret bases of operation and rendezvous points; new technologies, weapons and ship prototypes being manufactured by the Spanish; and of course, sizes and leaders of armies.

After serving the guild for another week, Amarilde revealed himself to the Paradox as Garland, boot five members, and left. Upon return to the EITC, he told EITC officers all info he had amassed.

Because of Garland's spying and anagrammatic name, he very well may have turned the tables on the Paradoxian War.



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Major Reginald H. Amarilde of the Spanish Army

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Amarilde captaining a Spanish vessel

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