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(All Mastered)

  • Notoriety: 50
  • Cannon: 30
  • Sailing: 30
  • Sword: 30
  • Gun: 30
  • Doll: 30
  • Dagger: 30
  • Grenade: 30
  • Staff: 30
  • Potions: 20
  • Fishing: 20

Former/Current Guilds

  • (Main guilds only)*
  • Spartans Return
  • Enemy Lines
  • The Paradox
  • Co. Black Guard
  • Elite Black Force
  • The English Empire
  • The Delta Republic
  • Co. Black Templars
  • The Russian Empire
  • The Imperial

  • Former/Current Rankings Within Guilds:*
  • Spartans Return- Veteran, Officer
  • Enemy Lines- Guildmaster
  • The Paradox- Officer, 2nd Co-Guildmaster, (Royalty)
  • The Delta Republic- Officer
  • Co. Black Guard- Veteran, Officer (Briefly)
  • Elite Black Force- Officer, 2nd Co-Guildmaster (Questionable)
  • The English Empire- Veteran
  • The Delta Republic- Officer, (Royalty)
  • Co. Black Templars- Officer, "became traitor to Pearson while in this"
  • The Russian Empire- Officer
  • Imperio De Espana- Officer, 3rd in Command

  • Guilds Owned*

  • Enemy Lines- reached 300 members and went inactive before deletion

Friends List

  • Note: Add yourself if I left you off and you're on my list if you want. They are in no certain order.*
  • Tyler Crossbones
  • Dog Pugfish
  • Peter Wavefury
  • Captain Leon (Player differing)
  • Hippie (Player differing)
  • Samuel Swordsmythe (Pirateswordrevenge)
  • Maxamillion
  • Davy Daggerskull
  • Brandy (Maria Badkidd)
  • Emily Darkvane
  • Jack Goldwrecker
  • Stormwalker
  • Ben Squidskull (Dandandragon)
  • Lord Roger Decksteel
  • Capt. Grace Redskull
  • James Swordwrecker (Richard Sternsilver) (Also friends with Richard)
  • Captain Roger
  • Sam McBain
  • Rebel
  • Mark Stormtimbers
  • Lord Lawrence Dagger
  • Eric (Billy Hullbatten)
  • Eric Machawk
  • Sam Hookrage
  • Lord Jeremiah Garland
  • George Sailward
  • Grunt
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Emily Mcsteel (and Amelia)
  • William Burnmonger
  • Jason Shiprat
  • Cadet

Weapons Belt

My weapons are the worst, I know...

  • F1- Bejewled Broadsword (Famed)
  • F2- Occult Doll (Famed)
  • F3- Swamp Throwing Knives (Famed)
  • F4- Foul Bane Repeater (Rare)

SvS Rank

  • Admiral

-&nbsp I LOVE SvS, and I do it a lot with my War Sloop, Shadow Guardian. It has the level four Copperhead upgrade, soon to be level five.

PvP Rank

  • Duelist

- I don't PvP much, and when I do it's Mayhem and I'm a complete failure.


  • Scarlet Maelstrom- Light Sloop
  • Dark Reaver- War Brig
  • Shadow Guardian- War Sloop


Spanish Icon Madster is a True Spaniard at heart!

Avaricia1 Madster is a Privateer of Spain!

Mastered Madster has mastered all of her weapons!

Logo eitc emblem Madster is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Watery Mast Madster is a BEAST in SvS

PvPWar Master Madster is a/an Duelist in PvP Infamy

SvSAdmiral Madster is ranked a/an Admiral in SvS Imfamy.

LevelTemplate50 Madster has reached Notoriety level 50!


  • Darkness will always be broken by light.
  • When it comes to power, be wise, for power can corrupt the best of us.
  • I'm not crazy; I'm just Mad ;)
  • I smile when I have no idea what's going on. :D
  • Viva La Espana!


  • Lord Jeremiah Garland- Father
  • Stormwalker- Sister
  • Jack Goldwrecker- Brother
  • Sven Daggersteel- Brother

  • Royal Families:*
  • Russian Royal Family


  • Enemies defeated- 29,528
  • Ships sunk- 4,224
  • Blackjack hands won- 91
  • Poker hands won- 43
  • Times in jail- 684
  • Pvp team battle wins- 80
  • Pvp mayhem wins- 27
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