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Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan, a successful business tycoon, and Tsar of Russia was taking a vacation at his summer retreat in the Caribbean. He noticed the majority of people living in the Caribbean and the New world would never become successful in business and enterprise because of the harsh rugged mood, So he created the Macmorgan School of Business. It teaches everything a pupil needs to know about money making and being successful in the world of business.

The Macmorgan School of Business is located at Kingshead, Antik. It is funded entirely by Macmorgan Corp.



Headmaster: Benjamin Macmorgan

Vice Principal: open

Clerk: open


Professor of Guilds: open

( teaches how to create successful guilds )

Professor of Numeracy: Edward Daggerhawk

( teaches how to do speedchat plus numbers )

Professor of Enterprise: open

( teaches tricks and easy ways of making gold )

Professor of Enterprise: open

( teaches tricks and easy ways of making gold )


In the Macmorgan School of Business we have conducted that the key to success is to be fluent in Speedchat plus and open chat.

Professor of Speedchat: open

(teachers speedchat plus users how to count just as 1-won 2- to 3-tree)

Professor of Open Chat Advancement: open (

teaches open chat users how to communicate with speed chat users such as 1-won )


Cap 23:23, July 4, 2011 (UTC)- Head Master, Teacher of Advanced Enterprise



Extra Curricular Classes

Acting Class: 5 spots open

Teacher: open( this class creates plays to present to the school )

Advanced Enterprise Class: 5 spots open

Teacher: Benjamin Macmorgan ( goes further in depth about making quick, easy money on POTCO ) ( along with making successful guilds )

Want to join? Just list your resume in the comments! Your resume must be like this:

1) name

2) job you'd like to apply for

3) experience with this area

4) what other organizations you are apart of

5) what job you have in those other organizations

6) other


1) Billy Bob

2) Professor of Enterprise

3) runs/in a successful guild, maxed gold, knows tricks to getting a lot of gold

4) Macmorgan Corp, Imperial Academy of Arts, Noob Academy and Learning Center

5) General, Artist, Noobologist

6) Insane

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