Legend of the Weapons

Legend has it, the lord himself forged these weapons with his bare hands, they were left for Adam to discover, thats how man is said to invented the first conventional swords. Adam having the primal instincts he had, lost them. For hundreds of thousands of years these weapons have been lost! They were the first, but the most powerful weapons ever made!

Lost Broadsword of Eden


The Sword - 53 Inches long Diamond blade with a leather sheath

Attack - 116

Abilities - Cleanse Rank 8

          Parry Rank 7                 Time Slowing - Rank 15

          Pain Immunity Rank 9

          Thrust Boost + 10

           Silver Freeze Rank 8

           Thundersweep Rank 10

This was the most powerful broadsword ever forged by a being, it also has supernatural power and can manipulate time and space.

Lost Cutlass Of The Atlantic

This cutlass is rumored to be the spirit of the Atlantic Ocean, it can manipulate the weather, and which way the sun is aimed, it can also control the waves and channel them, in the Atlantic, it also is rumored to have a remarkable pain immunity, it is also followed by a completely blue light when you swing it.


The Sword

Abilities - Ice Sweep Rank 48

          Completely Immune To Pain

        Invisibility Rank 4

  Special Ability -  Eviseration Rank 7 (plural form of Eviscerate) insta kill attack 

Attack - 109

Lost Katana of the Pacific 

This cutlass sat in the famed Marianas Trench for hundreds of thousands of years in the deep abyss, it is buried under 50 ft of marine snow. It is the only sword in the galaxy that can shoot beams of energy, and control the tides. This is more of a voodoo sword than a fighting weapon.


The Sword

Abilities - Tide Control Rank 94

         Attack - 99

        Explosive Attack Rank 9

Lost Blade of Apollo

This blade is said to be forged by the Greek sun god Apollo! Legend has it he was weilding the sword in the battle against his elder relative escaped from Tartarus. Legend has it also, that Apollo had his arm cut off by the relative. The sword fell to earth and ALMOST gave man the ability to control the sun. The sword fell from the sky into the ocean legend says creating the first ever deep sea volcano! This sword is a Legendary Sabre that has the ability to control the position of the sun. You can also blast rays of nuclear energy at your opponent. This is the only weapon that can counter attack the legendary Silver Freeze Abiity.

Sword Type - Sabre

Attack - 187 

Abilities - Sun Control Rank 10

             Inferno Sweep Rank 23

             Volcanic Control Rank 4 (ONLY USABLE ON PADRES DEL FUEGO)  - it controls the Volcano's. 

             Parry Boost At Max lvl

             Finese Boost Rank 8

             Silver Freeze Block Rank 6

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