The Lost Sword of de Gama

The Lost Sword of de Gama is a powerful weapon.


It was the year 1520, four years before the death of Vasco de Gama. De Gama stood in a forge on a deserted island in the Pacific, near Indonesia. It was a makeshift forge, built into the side of a volcano. He took a sheet of metal, and sprinkled a little purple powder of some sort on the blade. He then stuck the metal into the forage, and began hammering out the impurities. The metal was folded over one thousand times, so the blade may not rust, nor grow dull. De Gama used voodoo magic to make his blade magical. When the metal was finished, a beautiful curved piece of metal was resting on his anvil. He then took his pliers and lifted the sword blade. He lowered himself onto the volcano slope, to a pool of cold water. Now, normally, this would have been impossible, seeing as the water would have been heated by the volcano. But it was cold. De Gama cooled the blade, and slid it into the hilt.

Vasco de Gama used that blade until 1523, when it was stolen from him by Muslim traders. It was then sold to Italian traders coming back from ports in Palestine. It reached Venice, Itlay. It was stored in a glass case in Saint Mark's Basilica. The Italians believed the sword was sent by God, who told the Palestinians to give it to Itlay. That's what the traders told them.

Eventually, in 1590, the sword was stolen. It was brought to Portugal, and put on display in a museum.

On a pirate raid in Lisbon, pirates stole the sword, and brought it to the Caribbean. It was hidden for a century, until 1690, when it was recovered from the Catcombs of Padres del Fuego by Navy soldiers. It was given to the king of England, who keeps it in his personal arsenal.


Rarity/Type: Legendary Lost Relic Sabre
Resale: N/A 5,000 gold
Attack: N/A 108
Magma Storm (Weapon Skill) Rank 5 Perform voodoo to strike your enemies with raining magma
Ice Storm (Weapon Skill) Rank 5 Perfom voodoo to strike your enemies with raining ice shards
Drain Health +5 Give yourself some health with every hit
Drain Voodoo +5 Drain yourself some of your enemies voodoo with evey hit
Level Required N/A Sword Level 30
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