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The Legendary Sword

Lost Sword of Atlantis

This sword was an artifact from Atlantis. It was used by Calypso to destroy the city and cover it up from the human eye because the King, Poseidon was causing genocides of human beings. It was buried in a 12,000 foot deep trench and never seen again because of its amazing powers. Until an expedition lead by the Casa De Muertos guild to resurrect Poseidon. The Casa De Muertos threw in a Cortez Coin and a ghost of Poseidon came up and told Captain Ezekiel Rott that he need the Lost Sword of Atlantis to destroy the Marceline, because of its powers. He handed the sword to Rott. Captain Ezekiel later found two of his crew mates dead and stabbed by two copies of the Lost Sword of Atlantis. He realized that all three have great power, so he distributed them to General Darkhart, The Cursed Crew of Davy Jones, and Foulberto Smasho. You may be able to get them from those enemies but it is EXTREMELY rare. About twice as rare as the lost sword.

Lost Sword of Atlantis Stats

Its special attack creates a blue circle around you very much like the Wither staff spell, but it lasts until you put the weapon away. The only downside is you have to walk, not run when the spell is going. The circle hits three numbers on the enemy rapidly usually over 500.

Attack: 110

Sure Footed; cannot be knocked down (Rank 3)

Drain health; Steals enemy health (Rank 3)

Blade Storm Boost +3

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